Stevie Ryan

Stevie Ryan chronicled her extensive depression treatments, including TMS, on her mental health podcast

Thought my TMS treatments were working but it could just be my new fine ass doctor flirting with me… A post shared by Stevie Ryan (@stevieryan) on May 22, 2017 at 8:41am PDT Saturday night comedian and pop culture commentator Stevie Ryan lost a long and hard fought battle with depression. Stevie has been very […]

Stevie Ryan feuds with Simon Saran over his ‘moobs,’ then launches ‘Teen Mom Tea’ podcast

Simon Saran and Stevie Ryan

After this week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, it was a clash of the Teen Mom Twitter troll titans, when comedian Stevie Ryan and Farrah Abraham’s off-screen boyfriend Simon Saran got into it. Stevie openly mocked the cup size of his “moobs” and Simon responded by saying Stevie has the chest of an eight-year-old boy, etc.

90 DAY FIANCE Anfisa is now a stripper, on P0RNHUB & met Jorge via webcam site according to…Stevie Ryan?!

90 Day Fiance Are Jorge and Anfisa still together? 2017

Let’s see if I can’t sum up what may very well be my favorite story of the year so far in one sentence: Comedian Stevie Ryan ordered weed from 90 Day Fiance marijuantrepreneur Jorge, but he failed to deliver after making her wait seven hours–so Stevie spilled the tea on his wife Anfisa by revealing the couple actually met via a webcam site, Anfisa can be found on P0rnhub, and she is currently with another man and working as a stripper.

Stevie TV: Stevie Ryan’s VH1 sketch comedy show deliciously skewers pop culture

Right now you’re living under a giant rock with no access to WiFi or 3G ( a lot of rocks have internet capabilities these days) if you don’t know that Lindsay Lohan is making her huge Comeback Career move by doing sketch comedy on SNL tonight. Honestly, I hope she does amazing and wish her the best, but there’s another sketch comedy queen coming to TV Sunday night that deserves a lot more hype.

Stevie TV premiere’s Sunday night @ 11PM EST on VH1. (You can also stream the premier online.) It features Stevie Ryan, a lady who got a deal of internet fame when performed a character called “Little Lola” on a still new website called YouTube. For a while, people even thought Little Lola was a real person. It’s been at least six years since the Little Lola sensation, and Stevie Ryan is ready to tackle RealTube, and boy, is she ever ready!