Steven Tyler

Nicki Minaj calls Steven Tyler a racist after he uses Bob Dylan to make a point

Sometimes I just have to write these bad rascals up because of the wonderful pop name associations. I figured the opportunity may never come again to refer to Nicki Minaj, Steven Tyler and Bob Dylan in the same post so I better get to it before the times they start a changing. Tyler called out Minaj using Dylan as a reference and Nicki fired back via Twitter calling Tyler a racist based on his statements. Get the blow by blow that was blowing in the wind and find out why both Tyler and Minaj were way off base with their assumptions.

Steven Tyler quits American Idol, is JLo leaving too?

Fans of American Idol have been preparing themselves for weeks for JLo’s announcement that she’d be leaving the show after she has continued to not deny reports of her departure that first surfaced months ago. However, it’s another AI judge who made his departure official earlier today, Steven Tyler! Keep reading for Steven’s official announcement about quitting as well as that of Idol co-creator and executive producer Simon Fuller! Plus, is JLo still going to leave?

VIDEO David Archuleta mistakes Steven Tyler for a woman on Wendy Williams

File this one away in the “D’oh!” file. 2008 American Idol runner-up David Archuleta was on the Wendy Williams show promoting his new album The Other Side Of Down when he was asked about the new lineup of American Idol judges including newbie Steven Tyler. Hilarity ensues when Archuleta inadvertently reveals that… Dude looks like a lady!

PHOTO Big Brother’s Rachel Reilly with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler on the cover of Sturgis Rally News

Big Brother’s Rachel Reilly won the crown of Miss Sturgis 2008 and one of the perks was getting to pose for the cover of Sturgis Rally News with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler! Another one of the perks was getting to anger the biking community for beating out one of their own, biker lady writer and hottie Sasha Mullins! See the magazine cover and read all about how Rachel was stirring up animosity long before moving into the Big Brother household!