Scrapp DeLeon

MUG SHOT Is Scrapp DeLeon out of jail? New info for LHHATL Season 6

One of the biggest multi-season storylines on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is the Season 5 imprisonment of new cast member Scrapp DeLeon. Scrapp was originally sentenced to 20 years behind bars on a drug trafficking charge, and gave himself up to begin his sentence last March. Given the dramatic nature of his on-camera surrender […]

LHHATL Is Scrapp DeLeon getting out of prison early? Season 6, early release rumors coincide

Did Scrapp DeLeon die? On the contrary: according to the most recent spate of rumors surrounding the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star, Scrapp’s sentence may be reduced as part of a potential plea deal–meaning it’s possible that he could be freed in time to start shooting scenes for LHHATL Season 6. Read on for the rumors!

LHHATL Tia Becca keeps baby daddy’s identity secret, reveals details of surprise pregnancy

Who is Tia Becca’s baby daddy? That’s the question on the mind of every Love & Hip Hop Atlanta viewer, in light of the Season 5 star’s surprise pregnancy announcement in the finale. While Tia herself is keeping the man’s identity under wraps–for now–she did share a few tidbits about the pregnancy itself, along with her own condition, with VH1. Read on for the latest!

LHHATL Karen King accuses Tiarra of lying about Scrapp DeLeon’s kids, demands DNA test

According to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Karen King, one of the show’s storylines involving son Scrapp DeLeon’s kids might have been a lie from the very start–and that lie might have been perpetuated by fellow cast member Tia Becca. Karen recently took to YouTube for the latest installment of “KK Live,” her weekly post-LHHATL chat series, and laid some very strong allegations against Tia and her allegedly nefarious ways. Read on to see video of Karen calling Tia out…

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta: Scrapp and Tia Becca get back together in time for her alleged sex tape scandal

This over-the-top season of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has had almost no sex tape drama. (Though Lord knows it’s had just about everything else.) So: how about a little LHHATL Tia Becca sex tape gossip to get your day going? Though there’s no foolproof way to confirm the identity of either the woman or the man in the footage that’s going around, the rumor right now is that Tia Becca has been unfaithful to Scrapp since his booking in a Georgia prison on drug trafficking charges. Read on for the latest!

Scrapp DeLeon shares video from prison, releases music video for ‘Hustlaz Ambition’

Scrapp DeLeon prison video

Just like Empire‘s Lucious Lyon, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Scrapp DeLeon isn’t going to let a little thing like prison keep him from working and talking to his fans! Keep reading for two videos featuring Scrapp: one is a personal message to friends and families from behind bars, and the other is a brand new music video for his song “Hustlaz Ambition” featuring appearances by his brother Sas as well as his LHHAtl co-stars Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J.

Is Scrapp DeLeon Stevie J’s son? Rumor mill keeps churning for LHHATL’s craziest season yet

Is Scrapp DeLeon Stevie J’s son? The fatherly advice that Stevie J recently gave Scrapp during the Karlie Redd situation raised the eyebrows of many a Love & Hip Hop Atlanta viewer–and Karen King’s sketchy past has people wondering if she ever ran into Stevie J back in the day. Read on to find out about the connections between these three, and to see a brand-new update on Scrapp’s time in prison from the man himself!

Scrapp DeLeon prison update: Brother Sas offers new information on LHHATL cast member

We got an unexpected Scrapp DeLeon prison update earlier this week, courtesy of Scrapp’s brother Sas, who’s been communicating with his fellow Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast member on the regular. Scrapp, who is serving time in a Georgia state prison on a drug charge, was recently moved to a new facility, and Sas let Scrapp’s fans and LHHATL viewers know exactly how to reach the embattled fellow.