Rihanna poses for elegant poolside bikini photos in Greece


For those art historians wondering what the long lost Aphrodite of Knidos by ancient Greek sculptor Praxiteles may have looked like, art appreciator Rihanna has offered up her best guess in the form of a photo posted to instagram earlier today in which this modern day Venus Pudica (“modest Venus”) transforms Mount Olympus into Mounting Polempus as the 25-year-old singer does some bikini-clad inverted twerking on a poolside pole in Greece. Keep reading for the Miley Aphrodite snap and numerous others featuring Rihanna smoking hot and smoking flowers in front of a picturesque Greek backdrop.

Are Britney, Rihanna and Miley going too far with latest videos?


In the last 24 hours Britney Spears has dropped the official music video for her single “Work B**ch” while Rihanna has done the same for her song “Pour It Up.” Both feature lots of sex with Rihanna’s clip being so racy that it requires an age-restricted log-in via YouTube. You’ve got Britney in a bustier whipping a woman in lingerie crawling on all fours and Rihanna twerking up a frenzy in thongs… We’ve got ‘em both here along with Miley swinging in her birthday suit for “Wrecking Ball” to ask if you think these ladies are pushing the boundaries too far?

Rihanna shares machine gun grill photos


Brash and outspoken singer Rihanna is no stranger to shooting off at the mouth, and now she’s got the grill bling to back it up! The 25-year-old took to instagram today and posted photos of her gold machine gun grill, the first of which was accompanied by, “Up watching Cocaine Cowboyz #KillinDeseHeauxz #phuckyogrill #ilickthegunwhenimdone- cuziknowthatrevengeissweet” Keep reading for the machine guncisors shots as well as a photo of Rihanna’s revealing outfit she wore during the Barbados Kadooment Day Parade for those of you more into seeing bling on the other parts of Rihanna.

Have Rihanna’s partying ways spun out of control?


R&B star Rihanna has been making headlines aplenty while on her Diamonds World Tour. She’s reportedly been boozing heavily, appearing at night clubs until the wee hours of the morning and all of this hard partying is said to be causing her to arrive late to shows. Get some deatils on her recent late showings and catch a clip of the “Umbrella” singer being escorted out of a recent Kings of Leon concert appearing seriously intoxicated.