PHOTOS It’s a holiday celebrity bikini round up!

As we all get ready to ring in the New Year, many of our celebrity favorites are vacationing in warmer climates (because they can) and rocking out their bikini bods while doing so. Our image feed has been peppered with all this holiday skin and we figured it would be downright selfish not to share ’em with our readers. Enjoy Friends friends Jennifer and Courteney, Charlize, a stunning Stephanie Seymour at 45 and more!

PHOTOS Rihanna as “chola” gangsta zombie for Halloween

Singer Rihanna is raising a few very specific kind of eyebrows with photos of her 2013 Halloween costume! The 25-year-old singer went from Rihanna to Zombiehanna as she undeaded herself to become a zombie gangsta, revealing on instagram that “My chola name was #ShyGirl” But Rihanna wasn’t the only one going muerta loca as she shared mug shot photos of her zombesties also made up as “chola gangstas” with nicknames like La Flaca, La Loca, La Shorty and El Jefe. Keep reading for the pics!

Rihanna poses for elegant poolside bikini photos in Greece

For those art historians wondering what the long lost Aphrodite of Knidos by ancient Greek sculptor Praxiteles may have looked like, art appreciator Rihanna has offered up her best guess in the form of a photo posted to instagram earlier today in which this modern day Venus Pudica (“modest Venus”) transforms Mount Olympus into Mounting Polempus as the 25-year-old singer does some bikini-clad inverted twerking on a poolside pole in Greece. Keep reading for the Miley Aphrodite snap and numerous others featuring Rihanna smoking hot and smoking flowers in front of a picturesque Greek backdrop.