Rebel Wilson

VIDEO New Pitch Perfect 2 trailer is aca-mazing!

Pitch Perfect 2 trailer

In the new full-length Pitch Perfect 2 trailer, we nearly get a sneak peek at Fat Amy’s “Down Under,” learn the Barden Bellas have to go head-to-head against an epic European a cappella group to retain their prestige, and come up with brand new reasons to love Anna Kendrick, not the least of which being a mic-drop-worthy World War II reference. All this and more in just two new minutes of pitch-slapping fun…

Russell Crowe snubs comedian Rebel Wilson by acting like… Russell Crowe


Rebel Wilson is one of the up-and-coming funny ladies in the business, so hearing that she was cussed out by a celebrity doesn’t sound all that shocking. Not everyone has a sense of humor and for an actor, being insulted by a comedian in Hollywood is bound to happen — even though it may not be funny to them. However, when Rebel came face-to-face with Russell Crowe, it wasn’t her comedy that caused him to go all Russell Crowe on her.