Lifetime movie Perfect High with Bella Thorne addresses suburban teen heroin addiction


You would be hard-pressed to come up with anything that is more widespread and destructive in the United States today than heroin addiction. In June, Lifetime will explore one of the most common ways people find themselves trying heroin for the first time. Perfect High is a Lifetime original movie starring Bella Thorne as a suburban high school dancer who suffers a knee injury that requires that she take prescription painkillers. As is often the case, her use of painkillers soon turns to addiction, and heroin presents itself as a cheap alternative. Keep reading for more info about the movie (including photos), as well as some rather startling facts about heroin use in the US.

Who is Lori Fieri, Guy Fieri’s wife?

Guy Fieri
Autism Speaks to Wall Street : 5th Annual Celebrity Chef Gala

Featuring: Guy Fieri
Where: New York City, United States
When: 28 Nov 2007
Credit: WENN

A recent appearance of Lori Fieri on Guy’s Grocery Games marked one of the first times on camera for the outgoing Guy’s reclusive wife. Why does Lori shun the spotlight her husband seems to crave? And does that shunning help their marital dynamic? More to the point: Does the clearly charismatic Lori have a future in television of her own? Read on to find out!