Young Thug son stun gun video

VIDEO Young Thug’s baby mama uses stun gun to make son hurry up?!

The mothers of rapper Young Thug’s children are no stranger to parenting fail videos, and the latest features one of them using a stun gun to threaten her young son when he is reluctant to prepare for a game because his cartoon is on. Keep reading to watch the startling clip, plus see an Instagram video from a few weeks ago with Young Thug’s toddler daughter being made to say “I’m motherf***ing tired” repeatedly.

Nick Gordon begs for an end to Bobbi Kristina wrongful death lawsuit

Nick Gordon confesses 1

Nick Gordon and his legal team are begging an Atlanta court to halt the Bobbi Kristina wrongful death lawsuit brought against him by the conservator of Bobbi Kristina’s estate. Papers filed by Gordon’s lawyers on their client’s behalf allege the irreparable damage that the lawsuit is doing to Gordon’s reputation. Legal observers allegedly speculate that the real reason for the plea has nothing to do with reputation, and everything to do with murder–read on to find out why.

AUDIO ‘Sam Cooper’ responds to Meri Brown’s catfish story, shares voicemail where Meri says he’s better than Kody Brown

Meri Brown Catfish TN

“Sam Cooper,” the person who had an emotional affair with Sister Wives‘ Meri Brown isn’t going away quietly: After Meri copped to having a relationship during a “vulnerable” time, Sam shared more voicemails in which Meri referenced trying to meet up and said Sam is better than Kody Brown “on every level.”

16 & Pregnant’s Whitney Purvis loses dog Chumpy after rescue shelter gives him away?!


One of our favorite 16 and Pregnant stars of all time is at the center of a huge controversy. No, I’m not talking about Whitney Purvis (who is actually another of our favorites), but her makeup-eating, escape-prone dog Chumpy! Keep reading for the varying accounts of what happened that led up to Chumpy being taken into an animal shelter, before being passed along to placement agency and then adopted — while Whitney was on vacation!

Brooks Ayers threatens to sue Meghan Edmonds, sends her a cease and desist letter

Meghan and Brooks

After arguing with the ladies of the OC all season long about his health issues, Brooks Ayers is taking matters into his own hands. Last week, Brooks’s lawyer sent his arch nemesis, Meghan Edmonds, an official cease-and0desist letter. Read on to find out what the letter says, what Brooks is asking of Meghan, and her response to it all!