Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj models new Kmart collection clothes, plus preview photos


Kmart made the official announcement back in January that they would be partnering with singer Nicki Minaj on a brand new line of fashion and accessories schedules to hit stores some time this year. Though “The Nicki Minaj Collection” is not available for purchase quite yet, Nicki posted some photos of herself modeling a few of the looks on instagram last week! Keep reading to see those photos as well as some preview pictures of models wearing lots more looks from the collection!

Nicki Minaj and her Barbz have their own secret language, plus Nicki offers some deep life advice


Nicki Minaj calls her fans “Barbz” and they even have their own secret language. Barbz is a reference to all the Barbie doll imagery she uses in her branding, and the “z” is there for some extra sass. Nicki’s take on Barbie is empowered, and a little deranged. Nicki’s Barbie doll might literally bite your head off. This January she discussed this special language she shares with her Barbz with Jimmy Kimmel, but still manages to not decipher much of it.