Nev Schulman

VIDEO Antwane’s ‘Just the Voice’ Catfish episode with recap by Charlamagne Tha God


Everybody is still talking about last night’s mind-blowing episode of Catfish featuring Antwane, his cousin Carmen, and Antwane’s Obama-phone-only lover Tony. For those of you who missed it, or for those of you wanting to take another ride on the roller coaster, we’ve got the full episode for you courtesy of MTV. As an added bonus, we’ve compiled a screenshot-and-tweet recap courtesy of DJ and Guy Code star Charlamagne Tha God, who took over the official Catfish Twitter account last night and provided some Charlamagnificently hilarious live commentary throughout the episode.

Nev Schulman reflects on Antwane’s Catfish episode “Just the Voice”


Nev Schulman posted his thoughts about tonight’s episode of Catfish on Facebook earlier today, stating that it “was one of the most intense and emotional experiences of my life.” Keep reading to find out what else Nev had to say about how meeting Antwane changed his life and see an extended preview clip with the first twelve minutes of the episode!