Nev Schulman


CATFISH Details on Thaddius, Sara Marie and Ashley from this week’s episode

It’s another week, which means another CUH-RAZY, head-shaking hour of Catfish: The TV Show! Keep reading for a complete summary of all we know about Thaddius, Sara Marie, and Ashley based on MTV’s previews. Plus read some Facebook posts by victim Sara, who has been victimized by catfish Ashley numerous times over a period of years, including numerous posts by Sara and her friends talking about how her story would be perfect for Catfish: The TV Show!


Buy Nev Schulman’s chest hair, enter to win trip to Catfish set

Catfish co-host Nev Schulman is putting the “hair” in chairity (sorry) as he is offering up a snip of his famous chest hair as part of a fundraising campaign for Leave Out Violence (LOVE). There are also other great items available from Nev and Max, and every five dollars you spend will enter you into a raffle for two tickets to meet the dynamic duo in person and spend a day on the Catfish set! Keep reading for the full list of incentives and a link so you can donate now!

Catfish SPOILER Samm says she sent the initial email to MTV, not Steven


On tonight’s episode of Catfish we have the first instance of a mother sending in an application on behalf of her child as Aurora explains her son Steven is in a serious online relationship with a girl he’s never met named Samm. But, Samm is claiming that she was the one that actually applied to be on the show and that after producers saw her photos they decided she would be the better catfish!

Nev Schulman defends photo of himself swimming with captive dolphin


Catfish host Nev Schulman responded at length to negative comments he received after posting a photo of himself with a dolphin in captivity at Dolphin Quest, including all the great work that Dolphin Quest does to “responsibly educate people about Dolphins as well as study them,” as well as how much he has personally done to further the cause of marine mammal conservation/protection organizations.¬†“I can’t stand all the people who felt it was their place to tell me how wrong I was to swim with dolphins in captivity but have probably never done anything to actually make a difference about it,” an uncharacteristically riled up Nev wrote. “Seeing the cove and posting a comment on my wall about it doesn’t make you a hero.” Keep reading for Nev’s full response!

Catfish co-host Cassidy Wolf’s cyber stalking sextortion details


Wednesday night is another brand new episode of Catfish, and with silver-haired co-host Max Joseph still working on his feature film directorial debut at the time of filming, fans will also be getting another brand new co-host. Following in the hilarious footsteps of last week’s Charlamagne Tha God will be Miss Teen USA 2013, Cassidy Wolf. Keep reading to find out all about her headline-grabbing story that left her and more than one hundred other women victims of a harrowing cyber crime! Includes her video interviews with Anderson Cooper and Today as well as the first ten minutes of the new Catfish episode!