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Teen Mom 2 Seson 8 previews

TEEN MOM 2 Preview clips for Jenelle, Chelsea, Leah and Kail

Monday night is the Teen Mom 2 Season 8 premiere, and in honor of the New Year holiday, MTV has been sharing preview clips for the upcoming season with a “resolutions” theme. Keep reading to watch the first four clips featuring each of the moms including Jenelle in court, Leah talking boys with Addy, Kail skydiving, and Chelsea sharing some HUGE news with Aubree!

REPORT Jenelle Evans’ ex Nathan Griffith suicidal, planned to move to England


Catch up on all the latest drama in between Teen Mom 2 stars Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith over their custody battle for son Kaiser including claims that Nathan is suicidal and plans to move to England. Includes quotes from multiple recent articles, deleted tweets, and — of course — screen capped text messages.

Nathan Griffith says ex Jessica attacked him often, once ‘kicked me in the privates and caused my penis to bleed’


Judging from recent statements made by Teen Mom 2 dad Nathan Griffith and his brother Noah, Nathan’s relationship with his most recent ex Jessica Henry may have been more volatile and violent than his relationship with Jenelle Evans! Keep reading for some of their allegations, including Nathan’s claim that Jessica “kicked me in the privates and caused my penis to bleed” in addition to almost knocking him out when she punched him in the face repeatedly in a jealous rage.


New Nathan Griffith mug shot, formally charged with domestic violence

Teen Mom 2 dad Nathan Griffith is quickly closing the gap with his ex Jenelle Evans as far as the size of their mug shot collections go! Nathan’s latest pose in front of the booking camera comes after he was transferred to the Myrtle Beach jail where he will reside until he faces a judge tomorrow about his pending domestic violence charges against ex Jessica Henry.

UPDATE Nathan Griffith arrested, charged with open container and giving false information


Records show that Nathan Griffith is behind bars after a warrant was issued for his arrest. Get the details on his latest run in with the law and see the full accompanying mug shot.

UPDATE – We now have more information about Nathan’s arrest from the police report, including the fact that he was apparently inebriated and attempted to give police a false name.

TEEN MOM 2 Jenelle Evans responds to latest trouble for Nathan Griffith


Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans is telling everybody “I told you so” in a string of tweets following the news that the father of her son Kaiser is in trouble with the law again. Get her response and then see her since deleted tweets in which she predicted this might happen after learning that he was spending time with Jessica Henry again.