Michelle Duggar

Joy Duggar and Austin Forsyth are on courting fire 🔥🔥🔥


Joy-Anna Duggar, the 19-year-old daughter of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, officially announced her courtship with Austin Forsyth during last month’s season finale of Counting On. Recent photos from a hot double date with the ‘rents would seem to indicate that things are getting pretty Duggar-serious for the young lovebirds!

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar offer marriage advice amid divorce rumors


Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar react to this week’s In Touch headline claiming they are splitting up over dealing with Josh’s return by declaring “We are more in love today than when we married almost 32 years ago!” They also shared their marriage advice, so we can all achieve their level of relationship success.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar criticized for leaving kids to visit Central America

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in Central America TN

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are getting a little break from the winter weather with a “surprise” visit to daughter Jill Dillard and her family in Central America. But what about their dozen+ younger children who still live at home? Some people don’t seem pleased with the Duggars decision to take a kids-free getaway.