Michael Lohan

Kate Major arrested for drunken assault of Michael Lohan, Michael blames Dina Lohan


The drama continues for the Lohan family as Lindsay’s step-mom Kate Major Lohan was arrested Thursday evening after allegedly being intoxicated and attacking husband Michael Lohan. Michael has since shared his side of what happened, revealing that Kate falling off the wagon and the resulting assault was all the result of his ex-wife Dina Lohan suing for child support.

Michael Lohan slams Farrah Abraham, sees ‘black, darkness, evil’ in her eyes


Farrah Abraham is sure getting a lot of attention lately. Unfortunately for her, most of it has been negative. In the latest development, Michael Lohan has taken on the reality star for her “evil” ways. The two crossed paths at The Lukens Institute where Farrah was seeking treatment earlier this month and Michael wasn’t impressed.

Is Lindsay Lohan getting paid to date rich men?


There’s a piece in the latest Star magazine saying that Lindsay Lohan gets paid to date rich men, at the rate of about $100,000.

It cites the fact that Lindsay was paid that amount to spend New Year’s Eve with Prince Haji Abdul Azim, and even quotes her dad Michael Lohan. According to Star, Michael said ” She is getting paid to date rich men. Dina (Lindsay’s mother) is pimping her out – it’s disgusting!”