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Gypsy Sisters Mellie and Nettie Stanley’s feud gets nasty


It is often the case that off-screen drama from reality show cast members is more over-the-top than what viewers see on screen, and I don’t think there’s another show on television where that is more the case than TLC’s Gypsy Sisters. Keep reading for the latest jaw-dropping Mellie Stanley Facebook meltdown after alleged screen-capped messages between her sibling co-star Nettie Stanley and a Gypsy Sisters gossip page surface online suggesting Nettie had been leaking information about Mellie and other family members.

UPDATE - Nettie has since taken to Facebook to respond in kind and at length.

Mellie Stanley shares more photos of baby daughter Brandy, Gypsy Sisters co-stars react


A day after giving birth, Gypsy Sisters star Mellie Stanley shares some amazing photos of her baby daughter Brandy online. She also reveals that she plans on celebrating this weekend while her sister (and daughter’s namesake) Brandy tackles babysitting duties. “Dirty dirty this weekend brandy babysitting her name sake and I ghetto drink my ass off then back to being a mommy,” Mellie wrote on Facebook. Keep reading for the photos and reactions from some of Mellie’s Gypsy Sisters co-stars.

PHOTOS Gypsy Sisters’ Mellie Stanley gives birth to daughter!

Mellie Stanley baby daughter Brandy_tn

Gypsy Sisters star Mellie Stanley is a mom once again, this time to a baby girl! The reality star reportedly gave birth earlier today to her little princess and the first photos have already made their way online. Keep reading to see the pictures and find out the first and middle names Mellie chose, the first of which appears to be in honor of one of Mellie’s sisters.

GYPSY SISTERS Pregnant Mellie Stanley baby bump photos


Gypsy Sisters star Mellie Stanley revealed back in June that she was pregnant with her second child, and we thought we would update fans with some recent photos of Mellie showing off her growing baby bump! Keep reading to see the pictures as well as a costume-themed preview clip from the “Gypsy Sisters Naughty or Nice Christmas Special” airing Thursday night.

PHOTOS Gypsy Sisters’ Mellie Stanley slips in grocery store bathroom, breaks pelvis


Gypsy Sisters star Mellie Stanley is no stranger to fighting, and courtesy of a slippery floor in a grocery store bathroom, the fiery reality star got into a losing fight with gravity, resulting in a hospital stay and a fractured pelvis. Keep reading for photos and posts from Mellie, who appears to be going a bit stir crazy in the hospital.

GYPSY SISTERS Is Nettie’s daughter Dallas married to Mellie’s ex Robbie York?


The Gypsy Sisters off-screen drama continues after Nettie Stanley posted photos of her daughter Dallas Williams with Robbie York, the father of Nettie’s sister Mellie Stanley’s son Richard, and in the caption for the gallery Nettie calls Robbie her son in law. If Robbie did marry Dallas, that would make him Mellie’s son Richard’s dad and step-cousin and Dallas’ son Richard’s step-dad and former uncle. Confused? Keep reading because it gets even more complicated.

EPIC Gypsy Sisters throwback wedding photo with Nettie, Mellie, Kayla, JoAnn and more


I didn’t think there could possibly be a more amazing Gypsy Sisters throwback photo than that of Mellie, Nettie and JoAnn’s mom Lottie Mae Stanley power lounging in a sea of brown leather and wood paneling, but courtesy of JoAnn “The Gypsy Princess” we now have this EPIC throwback wedding photo that, despite its lack of bling, is the Sondra Celli dress of Gypsy Sisters throwback pics!

Why isn’t Sheena Wells on Gypsy Sisters Season 3


TLC’s Roma momma dramafest returns tonight as Gypsy Sisters kicks off its third season with a two-hour premiere starting at 9/8c. While fans will be seeing the familiar faces of Mellie Stanley, Nettie Stanley, Kayla Williams, Annie Johnston and JoAnn Smalls, they won’t be seeing their Season 2 cast mate, Sheena Wells. Keep reading for Sheena’s explanation for not coming back and catch up on some of her off-season drama with Mellie. Oh, and of course there’s a mug shot photo too!