Matthew Mcconaughey

British Man wakes up from coma devastated that he’s not Matthew McConaughey


25-year-old Rory Curtis was seriously injured in a major car accident that put him in a coma for six days. He suffered a brain haemorrhage, and while he was unconscious, he developed the vivid idea that he was a Oscar winning Texas actor that everyone fell in love with this year. When he woke up to find out he was a British barber, he was sorely disappointed. He didn’t even recognize his own face!

VIDEO Matthew McConaughey ‘is not afraid of the fanny pack’


It’s hard to argue that Matthew McConaughey is about the coolest L-I-V-I-N dude around. He’s probably going to do something so amazingly awesome as an actor that we will never see it again, he casually tosses balcony beers to Brad Pitt in his spare time, he’s our pick for who should portray the highly-anticipated lead role in the film version of the beloved comic Preacher and he fearlessly rocks a fanny pack. See video and a photo as McConaughey defends the maligned tote device and possibly changes the course of the functional fashion accessory forever.