Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan’s brother Michael Lohan Jr arrested for fake parking permit in NYC

The Lohan family’s mug shot collection continues to grow, this time from an unexpected source. Lindsay Lohan’s brother Michael Lohan, Jr. usually manages to remain out of the media spotlight, but the 27-year-old is making headlines after he was arrested in New York City Thursday for allegedly using a fake placard from the New York State “Executive Branch” to avoid paying for parking.

Arrest warrant likely for Lindsay Lohan over failed community service obligations


A warrant will likely be issued for Lindsay Lohan’s arrest tomorrow as she is scheduled to appear in court to prove she has completed recompleted 125 hours of community service although she has reportedly done less than 20. Keep reading to get the details, including a community service themed photo posted by Lindsay on Instagram yesterday.

Lindsay Lohan Photoshops Instagram photo to the extreme


In addition to following in Kim Kardashian’s footsteps in trying to “break the internet” with a sexy photo last week, Lindsay Lohan is also apparently taking inspiration from Kim Kardashian’s rather infamous Instagram Photoshopping skills. In January, Lindsay shared a thong selfie in which it was obvious that she made herself thinner via photo editing, and just hours ago she shared another photo of herself on Instagram with an even more egregious use of Photoshop in an effort to enhance her badonkadonk.