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Teen Mom 2 Babs Evans I'm Vapin' Now

VIDEOS Teen Mom 2 preview clips for Leah, Jenelle, Chelsea and Kail

Here are all of the Teen Mom 2 Season 7 episode 3 preview clips for Leah, Jenelle, Chelsea and Kail! This week we have Leah’s reaction to losing primary custody of the twins, Adam Lind posting an inappropriate photo of Aubree online, Kail talking with Isaac about an argument he overheard, and Babs meeting Jenelle’s new boyfriend, David Eason!

Leah Messer reacts to bad mom claims, feels ‘betrayed’ by MTV


After she was shown in a rather bad light — literally — on the Teen Mom 2 Season 7 premiere, Leah Messer is responding to fans criticizing her for texting and driving while extremely groggy, not feeding her kids breakfast, allowing daughter Addie to eat raw sugar and Sweet & Low, and more. Leah emphasizes that she is in a great place and she places a lot of the blame on MTV.

Teen Mom 2 preview videos for Chelsea, Jenelle, Kailyn and Leah


Check out four preview videos for next week’s episode of Teen Mom 2! The clips include Kaiser’s unauthorized haircut, huge custody battle news for Leah’s ex Corey Simms, Javi being deployed, and Chelsea sharing her ex Adam Lind’s now-infamous nude photo with a friend who had never seen it.


VIDEOS Sneak peeks of Teen Mom 2 Season 7 premiere


The premiere of the 7th season of Teen Mom 2 is almost here! MTV has provided some sneak peeks at the first episode, and we’ve rounded them all up in one convenient post to tide us all over until Monday night. Watch as Jenelle and Barbara fight, Kail gets upset over a Javi no-show, Leah and Corey endure a difficult visit to the doctor with Ali, and Aubree readies for her first day of kindergarten with Chelsea.