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VIDEOS Teen Mom 2 ep 8 preview clips for Chelsea, Leah, Jenelle, and Kailyn


It’s a whole new week, which means a whole new batch of Teen Mom 2 preview clips! This week’s videos don’t feature any pregnancy announcements, divorce papers being served, or even a single arrest; instead, most of the moms deal with the fallout from last week’s super-dramatic events. But we do get to meet a brand new cast member! And he’s kind of a pig deal! ūüėČ

Why can’t Corey Simms use Teen Mom 2 footage in ongoing custody battle with Leah Messer?


Thanks to¬†all of the allegations people have made about Leah Messer’s parenting skills and how often she’s followed by MTV cameras, you would think Corey Simms could use some¬†Teen Mom 2 footage against her in court. Find out why that isn’t the case‚Äďplus, get the latest updates from their ongoing custody battle…


Teen Mom 2 Ep 6 preview videos for Chelsea, Kailyn, Jenelle and Leah

An alternative title for this batch of Teen Mom 2¬†clips could be “Where Relationships End.” Get a sneak peek at the drama between Jenelle and Nathan, Kailyn and Javi, Leah and Jeremy… Plus an interesting meeting between Chelsea and Taylor that makes me wonder how long they’ll really be allies against Adam.

Teen Mom 2 Ep 5 preview videos for Chelsea, Kailyn, Jenelle and Leah

Leah Messer Teen Mom 2 Clips Feature

Who’s ready for a new batch of Teen Mom 2 preview clips? This seems to be the week of the phone fights: major battles between¬†Leah and Corey, Jenelle and Babs, and Kailyn and Javi are all in the works. ¬†The odd clip out features Adam and Aubree on a daddy-daughter date…but that, too, goes awry.

Teen Mom 2 top rated Thursday night cable show three weeks in a row, plus leads weekly DVR viewership


It seems television viewers can’t get enough of their Teen Mom drama! Earlier this year, the original franchise of MTV’s popular reality show franchise returned after a long hiatus under the Teen Mom OG mantle, and enjoyed¬†a successful fifth season.¬†Now, the super popular Teen Mom 2 is kicking ass on its new night as the top-rated original Thursday night cable show three weeks in a row! Keep reading for a breakdown of the numbers, including the show’s huge DVR viewership.