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Heidi Montag says her friendship with Lauren Conrad was F-A-K-E: ‘I spent years pretending to like her’

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We’ve known for years that MTV’s hit reality show The Hills was anything but real. The series ended back in 2010, and, since then, most of the cast members have spoken out about their time on the show. Kristin Cavallari flat-out admitted the show was scripted; Brody Jenner confessed he never actually dated Lauren Conrad; now, Heidi Montag is sharing her side. Read on to find out what she has to say about her former on-screen BFF!

Just how fake was “The Hills?”

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In the world of reality shows, real-vs-fake is a spectrum rather than a black-and-white issue. Sometimes crucial information is held back and back stories are fudged a little, sometimes they’re highly “scripted.” Often producers bring the cast members into a situation they wouldn’t normally be in, or situations that happened without cameras are reenacted, but besides the fact that the people on The Hills were playing “themselves,” it always seemed to be a little extra fake.