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Kardashians sign 2-year TV deal with E! for $150,000,000

It’s probably about time for the Kardashians to change the title of their TV show, because the only ones keeping up with them are professional athletes, bankers, and Powerball winners. America’s royal family has reportedly just signed on with E! for two more years of their reality show for a whopping $150 MILLION!

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy ‘struggle’ continues as abortion speculation grows

At this point, it’s a struggle to keep up with the number of different variables in the Kylie Jenner pregnancy story. We never know exactly what’s going on with the Kardashian family, and this instance is no different: Kylie’s baby daddy could be current boyfriend Travis Scott or oft-maligned former sputtering flame Tyga; Kylie might […]

Kylie Jenner reportedly considering an abortion, ‘very conflicted’ about pregnancy

It’s been almost two weeks since the world found out that Kylie Jenner is pregnant, and we still don’t actually know that much more than we did three weeks ago. Kylie is apparently due sometime in February, though she may have gotten pregnant as early as April (in which case, she’s actually due in January), […]

The Kylie Jenner surrogacy rumors now involve Khloe Kardashian as well

So it’s been kind of a busy week for the uteruses of the Kardashian family. Last Friday, Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy by rapper Travis Scott (probably) became public knowledge. Two days ago, we found out about Khloe Kardashian’s pregnancy by Cleveland Cavalier Tristan Thompson. And now, thanks to the magic of Kylie Jenner surrogacy rumors, the […]

When is Kylie Jenner’s baby due? Conflicting reports muddle timeline

There are almost as many suggested Kylie Jenner due dates out there as there are stories on the 20-year-old’s pregnancy, and the inconsistencies are beginning to raise eyebrows among her fans. The original report didn’t claim a precise due date, but details (and the flat tummy she was still sporting in her Instagram feed) suggested […]