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Kylie and Tyga married 2

Kylie (allegedly) married Tyga (in secret) to help his custody battles with Blac Chyna

Are Kylie and Tyga married? A spate of new rumors has her millions of fans abuzz, following a weekend during which the pair allegedly tied the knot in a super-secret ceremony. But why would 19-year-old Kylie want to tie herself to the her 26-year-old boyfriend, whose biggest claim to fame is being Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend? It all goes back to having kids together…but not in the sense that you might expect. Read on!

Kylie Jenner Instagram update reveals the secrets behind social media profiles of the stars

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The Kylie Jenner Instagram phenomenon knows no bounds: Keeping Up With The Kardashians‘ 19-year-old budding fashion maven recently passed a whopping 71 million followers, making her one of the most widely watched celebs in social media. But does Kylie Jenner take all of her own Instagram photos? Read on to find out all about Kylie’s secret social media weapon–and to learn a bit about the number of celebrities who rely on highly trained, surreptitious professional photographers for every update.

Kylie Jenner’s birthday party allegedly involved posting six-figure bail for Tyga

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Bad news on the celebratory front: Kylie Jenner’s birthday party this year appears to have been far removed from last year’s 18th blowout, when she was paid $200,000 to cavort at a Canadian club and got a brand-new Ferrari from Tyga (which car was later reposessed). Instead of those good times, it looks as if Kylie had to spend a big chunk of her 19th bailing 26-year-old Tyga out of trouble. Literally: multiple reports now allege that Kylie dropped six-figures to cover the back rent Tyga owed, the late payment of which had led to a warrant for his arrest…

Kylie Jenner makeup theft rumors may lead to KUWTK departure, quiet life with Tyga

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Is the Kylie Jenner lipstick stolen? The budding 18-year-old fashion maven’s business decisions have come under fire of late, thanks to accusations that she took ideas for her lip kit from a YouTube user and passed them off as her own. Unfortunately for Kylie, those rumors have led to increased speculation that she’s about to remove herself from the cast of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, in order to spend more time on her business–and living the good life with 26-year-old boyfriend Tyga.

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Kylie Jenner reported to be pregnant two hours after she says she’s not

“Kylie Jenner reportedly pregnant” has become a common refrain of late, thanks to rumors about the 18-year-old budding fashion maven’s uterus spreading like peanut butter on a school-bound sandwich. We reported earlier this week that Kylie is, apparently, not pregnant (though she and 26-year-old boyfriend Tyga are said to be trying), a brand-new report has since allegedly confirmed that Kylie is with child. Except that Kylie herself took to Twitter to debunk the rumors? Read on to try and make sense of this mess…

Kylie Jenner is not pregnant with Tyga’s baby, despite his alleged best efforts

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Though Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumors and secret marriage allegations have hounded the 18-year-old since she returned to Tyga’s arms for the fourth time, she insists they aren’t true. Though Kylie has been showing off an impressive diamond ring of late, and has taken to referring to her 26-year-old charity case as “my husband,” alleged insiders say the pair has not gotten hitched in any top secret ceremony–and that Kylie’s typically toned tummy isn’t hiding any baby bump surprises.

REPORT Kylie Jenner cheating on Tyga, dealing with fallout from lip kit business disaster

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That didn’t take long: just days after reports of Kylie and Tyga moving in together come rumors of Kylie Jenner cheating on Tyga, and with the most likely suspect to boot. Kylie’s apparently been messing around behind Tyga’s back with pseudo-boyfriend PartyNextDoor, an occasional rapper like Tyga, and the person with whom Kylie was most often linked during her short-lived third hiatus from the Tygster. On top of that drama, though, comes news that Kylie’s fledgling lip kit business is under assault–keep reading for the details…

Kylie and Tyga move in together, because youth is when you make mistakes

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Stories of Kylie and Tyga back together have been all the rage this week, in large part because the 18-year-old Jenner’s fans (and detractors) have a hard time understanding why she would sign herself up for a fourth go-round with the 26-year-old alleged serial cheater. Given that level of incredulity, it should be even harder for observers to understand why Kylie would open up the doors of her $6 million mansion and let Tyga move in–but it seems that’s exactly what she’s done…