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CHART The many ways Blac Chyna and the Kardashians are connected

In case you missed it, Rob Kardashian is reportedly dating Blac Chyna, who is besties with Kanye West’s ex Amber Rose and shares a child with Tyga, who is currently dating Kylie Jenner. Confused yet? Well, Blac Chyna’s connection to the Kardashian family gets even more complicated! To help you out, we’ve created a handy-dandy chart that serves as sort of a CliffsNotes for how Blac Chyna and the Kardashians are connected.


Kris Jenner battles obesity claims, Corey Gamble breakup rumors, calls Kim Kardashian ‘cringeworthy’

Kris Jenner rumors 1

The latest round of Kris Jenner rumors is flying fast and furious–and, if recent speculation is true, that’s just the way the Kardashian matriarch likes it. The newest Kris Jenner rumors involve the 60-year-old gaining 70-plus pounds in just a few weeks, which is part of the reason her relationship with 35-year-old boy toy Corey Gamble is said to be on the rocks at best. And, as if that weren’t enough, Kris herself opened up a can full of drama with daughter Kim Kardashian regarding what Kris called an endless barrage of “cringeworthy” photoshoots. Read on!

Rob Kardashian update: Family ‘at war’ over how to help; surgery, psychiatric hospital both possibilities

Rob Kardashian update 1

The latest Rob Kardashian update sees a swirl of unanswered questions hanging over the man’s head as his family reportedly goes to war over how to best take care of him. Rob’s recent medical problems have divided the Kardashians: some, including several of his siblings, are pushing for gastric bypass surgery to help Rob deal with his alleged diabetes and weight problems; others–mother Kris Jenner foremost among them–are said to be in favor of commitment in a psychiatric care facility.

PHOTOS Is Kanye West cheating on Kim Kardashian with model Savannah Winters?

Kanye West cheating 5

According to a flurry of new reports, the Kanye West cheating rumors are true–and Kanye has chosen a former dancer on one of his tours as his possible paramour. Savannah Winters, a model and former cheerleader who has a long professional history with Kanye, is said to be the man’s mistress; Winters is reportedly “terrified” that the allegations will ruin her career.

Kim Kardashian emoji Kimoji

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Kim Kardashian has lost 17 pounds since giving birth, gives placenta pills partial credit

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If the first Kim Kardashian weight loss update is accurate, it looks like the reality TV icon might now be hiding out at her mom’s house for long. Kim, who recently declared that she would stay in hiding at Kris Jenner’s place until she got her “svelte” figure back, claims to have already lost seventeen pounds since Saint West’s birth–and her goal weight is as ambitious as you’d expect.

Kim Kardashian baby update: Star hiding out at Kris Jenner’s house ‘until she gets her figure back’

Kim Kardashian baby update 1

The latest Kim Kardashian baby update sees the star trying to return to some semblance of a normal life. Interest in her newborn baby Saint West is so high, though, that Kim has resorted to an unusual tactic: she’s seeking asylum at mom Kris Jenner’s house for at least a few days, in order to wait out the worst of the Kim Kardashian baby mania. Is her strategy likely to work? The Saint West craze continues…