Kieffer Delp

Kieffer Delp’s recent arrest was for breaking into Jenelle Evans’ home


We reported yesterday that Jenelle Evans’ ex Kieffer Delp was arrested on Halloween for breaking or entering as well as driving with a revoked license. Since that time more information has become available about Kieffer’s arrest, including that the breaking or entering charge was from an alleged incident in which he broke into Jenelle’s home! Keep reading for all the details and yet another Kieffer Delp mug shot photo.

MUG SHOTS Kieffer Delp arrested on Halloween for breaking and entering, more


In today’s edition of “Where Are They Now?” I present Jenelle Evans’ ex Kieffer Delp, who just so happens to be in the exact same place he was two years ago: in Brunswick County Jail. According to online records it appears as though Kieffer (or Keeeffuh!!) decided to go trick and treating for a bit more than candy as he was arrested on Halloween and is currently facing charges of breaking and entering as well as two charges of driving with a revoked license. Keep reading for his most recent mug shot photo, his unfortunate choice for a Halloween costume last year, and his recent video rap dedicated to Jenelle.

UPDATE – We’ve added a second Kieffer profile mug shot.

Jenelle Evans admits Kieffer Delp got her hooked on heroin?


There have been rumors that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has been using heroin and that her addiction to the drug was the real reason for her recent extended hospital stay, but she has denied those claims repeatedly, insisting her hospital stay was because of her continued problems with ovarian cysts. Today the 21-year-old single mom seemed to concede her heroin problem to a certain extent by retweeting comments made by her husband Courtland Rogers, who claimed Jenelle’s ex Kieffer Delp got her addicted to the drug. Keep reading for all the incriminating tweetage as well as a video that surfaced on Youtube a couple weeks ago in which Jenelle’s mother Barbara Evans also says Kieffer got Jenelle using heroin.

Kieffer Delp childhood photo


Once again it appears that Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is completely through with her on again/off again/in jail again boyfriend Kieffer Delp after breaking up with him during an ill-fated trip to his hometown in New Jersey. (Collective “Awwwww man!” from all the Delper fans out there.) (Collective “Hoo-ray!” from all the Jenelle fans.) But before Keeeeffuh! leaves the virtual pages of starcasm forever (there’s still a 42.8% chance he and Jenelle will get back together), I had to share this childhood photo of lil Kieffer shared by his mom on Twitter earlier this week.

Jenelle Evans on her almost move to New Jersey with Kieffer Delp


Jenelle Evans recently traveled north to New Jersey with her boyfriend Kieffer Delp. The two had just reconciled two months prior and although the trip seemed to be a great idea, once they arrived things went south. In the end, the Teen Mom 2 star left Kieffer behind and returned home to North Carolina but what happened during their trip had remained a mystery until earlier today when Jenelle took to her blog to tell all.

Jenelle Evans hospitalized in New Jersey after ovarian cyst bursts


As we revealed earlier this week, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is currently in New Jersey where she has been apartment hunting with boyfriend Kieffer Delp. But, the 20-year-old’s trip took a bit of a bad turn earlier today when she was forced to go to the hospital for a burst cyst. And to add insult to her injury, she and Kieffer have broken up yet again, leaving Jenelle “all alone with no support” in a hospital in New Jersey. Keep reading for our exclusive update from Jenelle just moments ago!

EXCLUSIVE Jenelle Evans is moving to New Jersey with Kieffer Delp


Jenelle Evans and her current boyfriend Kieffer Delp have embarked on a road trip to New Jersey, and while rumors have surfaced that Jenelle and Kieffer are living out of her car after running out of money and getting evicted, the Teen Mom 2 star says that’s a bunch of B.S. She even claims she has photographic evidence to prove that she’s not broke.