Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey comes out after Anthony Rapp accuses him of underage sexual advances

Kevin Spacey put to rest long-standing rumors about his sexuality in a single midnight tweet following a sexual harassment claim against him. Actor Anthony Rapp, best-known for his starring role in the original cast of Rent and for his current role on Star Trek: Discovery, accused Spacey of making a sexual advance against him in 1986, when Spacey was 26 years old and Rapp just 14.

UPDATE – Other celebrities are dragging Spacey for using his coming-out statement as a distraction from Rapp’s allegations. (Or, as Wanda Sykes put it, for “hiding behind the rainbow.”) See what they have to say…

House of Cards Season 3 available on Netflix NOW, 2 weeks early!

If you’re a huge House of Cards fan and have been counting down the minutes until Season 3 was scheduled to debut on Netflix on February 27, then you need to tell your boss you’re sick RIGHT NOW and head home because the new season is currently now available to stream on the site! Keep reading for a screen cap of all the episode summaries! [SPOILER ALERT]

How many people have watched House of Cards Season 2?

When Netflix released the entire first season of their original series House of Cards all at one time, it was a huge novelty and a huge hit. The streaming video company has since continued the practice with other series (Orange Is the New Black, Arrested Development, Hemlock Grove) and on Valentine’s Day of this year they made the full second season of House of Cards available resulting in an epidemic of HOC binge-watching. So how popular is the show versus similar network and cable series like Mad Men or True Detective? The answer to that question is difficult because Netflix does not allow third-party monitoring of their downloads.