Kesha Rose Sebert

Kesha’s producer Dr. Luke produces 2011 deposition where she says he did not drug her


Kesha and her former longtime producer Dr. Luke are currently in dueling lawsuits, over allegations the singer made about being abused at his hands, including being drugged and sexually assaulted. Now, Dr. Luke is filing another lawsuit against Kesha’s mother, Pebe Sebert, and producing documents from a 2011 deposition where Kesha denied under oath that Dr. Luke drugged her or that they had any sort of sexual relationship.

Ke$ha’s mom details intense pressure singer faced to lose weight


Ke$ha’s mom, Pebe Sebert, has opened up about the intense pressure she claims her daughter faced from producer Dr. Luke and the singer’s former manager to lose weight. Read the harsh accusations she levied, details she provided about her daughter’s struggles as well as her flat denial of recent reports that speculated the pop star entered rehab because of an alcohol problem and not an eating disorder.