Katie Yeager


Catching up with Teen Mom 3’s Katie Yeager


It’s only been half a year since Katie Yeager was on our TVs for Teen Mom 3, but the actual filming wrapped long before that… So there was plenty to catch up on with the sassy single mom! We touched base with her to hear about her love life, thoughts on reality television stardom and, of course, little Molli!

Top 10 Teen Mom 3 stories we didn’t get to see in Season 2


It was revealed at the end of last week that Teen Mom 3 would not be returning for Season 2. Cast members from the show took to Twitter to express their disappointment over the news, and I figured I’d do the same from a fan’s perspective. So, here is my list of the Top 10 Teen Mom 3 Stories We Didn’t Get To See In Season 2 because the show was canceled.

Casts of Teen Mom 2 and 3 feud after Teen Mom 3 cancelled by MTV


After hearing the news that Teen Mom 3 had been cancelled by MTV the show’s cast members took to Twitter to express their disappointment. Briana DeJesus and Alex Sekella expressed their frustration over the fact that Teen Mom 2 is currently filming its fifth season, with Alex writing, “Guess we weren’t enough of train wrecks for it to be interesting. America wants to watch crazies oh well.” As you might have guessed, some of the cast members of Teen Mom 2 took offense and offered up their responses and an all-out Twitter feud ensued that also included Maci Bookout, Randy Houska, Jenelle’s boyfriend Nathan Griffith, Mackenzie’s mom Angie Douthit and Alex’s ex Matt McCann.