Kat Von D

PHOTOS Miley Cyrus’ Leonardo Da Vinci heart tattoo by Kat Von D


Due to recent media scrutiny, singer Miley Cyrus will be more reluctant to wear her heart on her sleeve, but the same apparently doesn’t apply to her forearm where she just got a rad little Leonardo da Vinci anatomical heart illustration tattoo courtesy of Kat Von D! Keep reading to see the photos as well as Leonardo’s original sketch from the early 1500s.

PHOTOS Kat Von D debuts engagement ring from Deadmau5


Kat Von D may have been engaged for a couple of weeks now, but the famous tattoo artist and star of LA Ink had yet to debut the black diamond engagement ring her fiance Deamau5 had custom designed just for her. The ring, which is surrounded by four skulls, is definitely a bit unconventional, but would you expect anything else from these two? Keep reading for photos of her new goth bling!

PHOTOS Demi Lovato shows off new birds tattoo on her forearm done by Kat Von D


While the rest of America was celebrating Thanksgiving weekend, singer and X Factor judge Demi Lovato was celebrating Inksgiving as she visited L.A. Ink star (and Jesse James ex) Kat Von D for the latest addition to her growing tattoo collection: a series of birds flying up her forearm beginning at her 2011 “Faith” tattoo and ending at her wrist.

Kat Von D thanks Jesse James for his alleged 19 mistresses


Once again Kat Von D is unleashing some blasters on ex-boyfriend Jesse James. The man forever attached to her armpit was the target of a recent Facebook open letter in which the tattoo artist extraordinaire thanked him for having cheated on her with an an alleged 19 different women. Read a pot calling a kettle black and then think it all over with some old school Cher!

VIDEOS 10 song suggestions for Kat Von D’s album


Kat Von D has revealed that she is currently in the process of recording an album. Yes. As in a music album where she plays, sings, emotes and stuff. Here at the ‘Casm we’re all about helping out folks in her situation. So, if she’s struggling for some material we’ve put together a list of 10 songs that should be theme appropriate for her debut release.