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LHHATL Karlie Redd and Lyfe Jennings marriage speculation reaches fever pitch

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Are Karlie Redd and Lyfe Jennings married? Or is Lyfe really attached to a German model, one who’s pregnant with his child, in a relationship he’s managed to keep (more or less) under wraps for months? Lyfe recently sat down with Atlanta’s V103 to address a wide variety of gossip relating to he and Karlie’s relationship–and revealed his single biggest regret. It’s probably not what you think…

PHOTO Is Lyfe Jennings married to a top-secret German model? Rumors of Karlie Redd betrayal continue to circulate

26th Annual ASCAP Rhythm & Soul Music Awards

Featuring: Lyfe Jennings
Where: Los Angeles, CA, United States
When: 27 Jun 2013
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Is Lyfe Jennings married? Stories about the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star’s marital status have been making the rounds for months, ever since the first trailers for LHHATL Season 5 showed him popping the question to girlfriend and co-star Karlie Redd–who promptly fainted upon receiving the proposal. And complicating matters is the fact that Lyfe has a child from a previous long-term relationship. Read on to get the complete rundown, and to take a sneak peek at the LHHATL bombshell that’s been a year in the making!

What is Karlie Redd’s age? Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star hides true birthday like a murder weapon

Karlie Redd Playboy photo shoot 2

Karlie Redd’s age is, to borrow a phrase from VH1 itself, one of the great American mysteries. Karlie maintains that she’s around 30, but at least two of her Love and Hip Hop Atlanta co-stars claim she’s much older than that. Depending on whom you ask, there are easily three or four different answers to this question; read on to see them all, and to figure out which one makes the most sense to you!

LHHATL Season 5 new cast 3

LHHATL Season 5 new cast info and extended preview

VH1 has just released a brand-new and extended LHHATL Season 5 new cast and preview trailer. Entitled “The Morning After,” the clip features interviews with several of the Atlanta crew’s biggest names, each of whom looks back on the “non-stop insanity, confusion, and mayhem” of Season 4 and wonders, in Rasheeda’s words, “What the hell was I thinking?” Read on to find out what you should expect from Season 5–and to meet some of the biggest new names in the cast!

VIDEOS PHOTOS Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Karlie Redd on Scream Queens


Before Karlie Redd hit ratings gold with VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta she was keeping it reality real on another VH1 show called Scream Queens. Miss Redd was cast for the second season of the show featuring buxom young ladies competing to land a “role” in Saw 3D. While Karlie only made it to the end of the 3rd episode she left in her wake some seriously righteous reality moments I want to share with you. During her entire run KR was determined to win but her determination ended up being her downfall as she “got the ax” because she tried too dang hard. But before that happened she managed to play a witch, eat raw steak meat and have herself covered in a bucket full of maggots. So who wants to see our girl gnaw down some uncooked steak and get a maggoty shower? Of course you do!