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TEEN MOM 2 Vee lashes out at ‘disgusting’ ‘entitled’ haters, then deletes Twitter account

Teen Mom 2 star Vetzabe “Vee” Torres is currently more than eight months pregnant. The 24-year-old first-time mom-to-be decided last week that she didn’t want to deal with the negativity of social media once her baby arrived, so she deleted her Twitter account. But, before saying farewell to the Twitterverse, Vee had quite a few things to get off her chest!

VIDEOS Teen Mom 2 finale preview clips for Chelsea, Leah, Kailyn and Jenelle


This week is the Season 6 finale of Teen Mom 2 and we have the preview clips for all four moms, including two dramatic meetup between exes, another dramatic meetup between exes that might not happen, and a completely non-dramatic (and potentially permanent) meet up between non exes. (Did you follow all that?)

Teen Mom 2’s Vee defends Jo against Javi and Kail’s claims about employment, jail


The off-screen fallout from the on-screen discussion between Teen Mom 2 stars Kailyn Lowry and ex Jo Rivera over child support for their son Isaac continues as Jo’s girlfriend Vetzabe “Vee” Torres takes to Twitter to respond to allegations from Javi that Jo doesn’t have a job and doesn’t want one, and Kail’s tweet saying Jo has actually been jailed for failure to pay child support!?

Javi Marroquin says Jo Rivera doesn’t have a job and ‘doesn’t want one’


The child support debate between Kailyn Lowry and ex Jo Rivera from last night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 spilled over onto Twitter, where Javi defended Kail against accusations of trying to bankrupt Jo by pointing out that Jo doesn’t have a job and “doesn’t want one.” Plus: check out a photo of Kail’s new ride!