Justin Theroux

Justin Theroux says Zoolander 2 outlook is really, really good looking


During a recent interview with Vulture, The Leftovers star Justin Theroux indicated that the prospect of a follow up to 2001’s comedy quotable gold film Zoolander is really, really, ridiculously good looking. Read what he had to say and if you’re like me and had no idea he was in the original – find out what role he played and what his involvement has been in working on a sequel.

Is HBO’s The Leftovers about The Rapture?


Tonight HBO debuts a new series, The Leftovers, based on the Tom Perrotta novel of the same name. The basic idea is that some people have vanished off the face of the earth, but others are still here, much like the premise of the “end of days” Christian book series Left Behind. Is The Leftovers about this idea, often referred to as The Rapture, or is something else going on?

Jennifer Aniston is pregnant says Us Weekly cover story


Pregnancy rumors continue to hound Jennifer Aniston, with the latest stork report coming in the form of a cover story on this week’s issue of Us Weekly. “Jen’s Big Secret: PREGNANT!” proclaims the headline, followed by, “After years of trying, she’s finally going to be a mom at 44. How she’s prepping for baby — and a wedding!” Keep reading for all the details, including the tabloid’s rather diligently compiled list of points supporting their claim.

PHOTOS: Bikini-clad Jennifer Aniston and shirtless fiance Justin Theroux spend Christmas in Cabo


Jennifer Aniston soaked up the sun in pink bikini on Christmas Eve in Cabo San Lucas with fiance Justin Theroux, who showed off his abs and back tattoo. She also put all those constant baby rumors to rest, because she’s definitely sporting a flat tummy

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux engaged


It has not been a very good couple weeks for Star magazine/Radar Online (the same entity). As the current issue of Star boldly proclaims “It’s Over!” for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux on its cover, the couple reveal that they are engaged! (This comes a couple weeks after Radar Online’s rather extensive “insider” coverage of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Reunion that it has since been revealed hasn’t even happened yet.) Keep reading for the statement issued by Justin Theroux’s rep confirming the engagement – and let’s all start our Jennifer Aniston pregnant countdown timers together!

PHOTOS Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux reportedly split over his ex Heidi Bivens


The cover story of the new Star magazine boldly proclaims “It’s Over!” for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. The magazine says the couple, who began dating after filming Wanderlust together in May of 2011, have called it quits (or should I say, have decided to Theroux it all away) partly because Justin refused to break off contact with his ex, New York stylist Heidi Bivens. Keep reading for all the deets from the tabloid, including the other alleged factor in their split as well as photos of Heidi and Justin pre-Jennifer.