Justin Bieber

Jeremy Bieber tweets about Justin Bieber nude photos

Justin Bieber and dad Jeremy proud of The Biebs’ asset in nude photos

Although Justin Bieber’s legal team threatened to sue over nude photos of The Biebs that broke the internet this week, sources close to the pop star reportedly say he is quite happy that his package is the talk of the town. Also proud is Justin’s dad, Jeremy Bieber, who shared a very proud (and rather awkward) tweet about his son’s anatomy earlier today.

PHOTOS Full frontal nude photos of Justin Bieber surface online


Justin Bieber is no stranger when it comes to showing skin (remember the Calvin Klein ad?), but nothing we’ve seen before has prepared us for the pictures that just surfaced. During his recent vacay in Bora Bora, the Biebs was photographed walking around his villa completely naked. And we’re not talking about a grainy butt crack shot: we’re talking everything.

Kendall Jenner underwear 1

PHOTOS Kendall Jenner shares underwear selfie, cozies up with Justin Bieber

Kendall Jenner’s latest underwear selfie sure is getting a lot of attention. It’s the latest in a string of revealing Kendall Jenner underwear selfies, but the photo’s million-plus likes (in less than a day!) might also have something to do with the latest rumors about sparks flying between Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber. Read on for the details!