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PHOTOS Joseline and Stevie J’s daughter Bonnie Bella is here

Congratulations are in order for LHHATL star Joseline Hernandez, who welcomed baby Bonnie Bella into the world just a few days before the end of the year! She and baby daddy Stevie J have both shared teaser photos of Baby Bonnie, in anticipation of the big reveal during Joseline’s pregnancy special–read on to take a look!

PHOTOS VIDEOS Love for Bonnie Bella overflows at Joseline Hernandez’s baby shower (but Stevie J stays home)

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Joseline Hernandez is only a few weeks away from giving birth to Bonnie Bella, her first child and the product of a tumultuous union between herself and former partner Stevie J. Though mommy and daddy have been fighting (to put it mildly) of late, the greater VH1 community’s love for Joseline and Bonnie was on full display this weekend, as our huge gallery of Joseline Hernandez baby shower photos (and videos!) will attest. Read on for the full spread, plus an update on what’s going on between Joseline and Stevie!

Are Stevie J and Joseline getting back together? ‘Ass-beating,’ mental illness accusations put reunion on hold

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Are Stevie J and Joseline getting back together? It’s the question of the hour for VH1’s high-profile, high-drama couple, following recent reports of their reconciliation. Unfortunately, despite the good vibes they put on display and hatchets they appeared to bury in a surprising Instagram update last week, it looks like those hatchets are once again buried firmly in each other’s backs, following reports that Joseline delivered an “ass-beating” to Stevie shortly before her baby shower. Stevie promptly responded by claiming that Joseline is mentally unstable, and asking that a court order her to take a psychiatric evaluation. It’s just another chapter in their long book–read on for the details!

CONFIRMED Stevie J is Joseline’s baby daddy: He promises to put aside their differences and help raise daughter Bonnie Bella

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After all the gossip, drama, backstabbing, insults, and lies, the answer was the simplest one all along: Stevie J is Joseline’s baby daddy. The two former LHHATL stars came together for the surprising and intimate reveal earlier today, and shared some sweet words the likes of which most fans probably never thought they would hear again. Read on for a full rundown of the Stevie J-Joseline drama, plus the video of their big reveal–oh yeah, and Joseline’s updated due date!

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Stevie J admits he ‘misses’ Joseline, says he can see them getting back together one day

Are Stevie J and Joseline back together? The very thought may have seemed impossible, given the über-acrimonious year the two Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars just went through. But the impossible may indeed happen, according to none other than Stevie J. Stevie addressed the situation between himself and Joseline and admitted that the potential for their reunion was there…

LHHATL Stevie J and Joseline agree on paternity test for her unborn child

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It looks like a Stevie J and Joseline paternity test is finally going to happen, now that the warring LHHATL factions have reached an agreement. The two have been going back and forth for months regarding the identity of Joseline’s unborn baby: Joseline says that the child is the product of a tryst between herself and Stevie this past spring; Stevie says no way. But he’s at least willing to entertain the idea; read on to find out why…

Joseline Hernandez admits she and Stevie J were never married, formally sues him for paternity over mystery baby

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Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J were really and truly never a married couple–but Stevie is definitely totally the father of Joseline’s baby. That’s what the Puerto Rican princess claimed in an affadavit her attorneys recently filed against Stevie, accusing him of getting Joseline pregnant this past April and demanding satisfaction in the form of assigned paternity. Of course, the world remains unconvinced that Joseline is genuinely pregnant–and her latest pictures aren’t necessarily helping matters much…

LHHATL Joseline Hernandez and Young Dro might be having a baby together after all

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Joseline Hernandez and Young Dro have been a rumored couple for several months–and now, if their social media feeds are any indication, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta co-stars might have revealed that they are, in fact, having a baby together. Joseline has teased fans with her alleged baby bump ever since LHHATL Season 5 came to a close, and has further alleged that several different men might possibly be the baby’s father. Read on for the photos and see whether you think this is just more smoke and mirrors from Joseline…