Jon Hamm

VIDEO Jon Hamm with Elmo on Sesame Street


Playing the stoic Don Draper on Mad Men doesn’t leave a lot of room for Jon Hamm to debut his goofy side, which is why it was so much fun to learn that he would be starring in a Sesame Street segment this season! In an episode premiering Thursday, April 18th, a bearded Jon Hamms it up with Elmo and presents the word of the day, which was sculpture, and teaches us all about the art form.

Is Jon Hamm’s girlfriend trying to get him to wear underwear?

Jon Hamm on the beach chest

Jon Hamm has a thing against underwear, and doesn’t care if there are paparazzi around every corner waiting to document it. He even doesn’t wear undies under his suits when he goes to official events. And that’s okay, Jon Hamm fans aren’t complaining.

Now Star Magazine has a report that his girlfriend of 16 years Jennifer Westfedlt is forcing boxes and briefs on him.

Sesame Street Season 43 celebrity guest promo photos


Sunny Day, Sweepin’ the clouds away
On my way to where the air is sweet
For the 43rd Season of Sesame Street!

Despite what area of the country you’re from, your economic class, your race, or your religion — if you’re American, then chances are you spent a good deal of your childhood growing up on Sesame Street. Thankfully, this historic avenue where learning is cool and fun (and bullying non-existent) is still around after more than forty years on the air! Keep reading to check out photos of all the celebrity guests for the upcoming 43rd season of Sesame Street, watch a couple preview clips, and read the full press release announcing a new Elmo element (Elmoment?) that is being added to the show!