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Who all has Taylor Swift dated? Her relationship history timeline


23-year-old six-time Grammy Award winning singer Taylor Swift appears to be living a real-life, superstar-studded version of The Bachelorette as she continues to generate a seemingly endless supply of song writing material through a similarly endless string of busted relationships. For those of you new to the world of Taylor’s dating history, we here at Starcasm have taken it upon ourselves to create a detailed timeline of her love life — starting with her freshman year in high school and going all the way up until this week’s split from One Direction’s Harry Styles! We’ve also tossed in a few important Taylor Swift dates that aren’t romance-related so you will have a context for what else was going on in her life at the time. (In case you’re wondering who she was dating when she got disrespected by Kanye West at the MTV Music Awards, for example.)

Journeying with the Jonas': The Jonas Brothers new E! reality show

Jonas Brothers E! reality show

The Jonas Brothers are joining a long tradition of stars turning a music career into a reality television career. From Ozzie to T.I. we’ve gotten used to music stars to let us into their lives (via produced story arcs) through our TV screens.

The New York Post reports that the former teen heartthrobs are developing a show for E! called “Journeying with the Jonas’.” Will you watch?

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato split up


For all the young girls out there with hopes of becoming a Jonas sister-in-law, your chances just got a lot better because Joe Jonas is single and ready to mingle! Actually, I don’t know if the furry-browed one is ready to mingle, but according to a source for People, he is single!

Despite the split, Demi will still be touring with the Jonas Brothers this summer. So if you plan to be the next Mrs. Jonas (or Mr. Lovato) keep reading for a list of tour dates to find out when these young swingers will be near you!