Jesse James

VIDEO Barry Weiss with long hair at godson Jesse James’ wedding in 2002


We did a post a while back revealing that Storage Wars star Barry Weiss is the “Jewish Godfather” of custom fabricator and fellow reality star Jesse James. At the time all we had were a couple mentions in interviews, but now, thanks to information provided by one of our commenters, we’ve discovered video evidence of the connection! Check out this video clip of a long-haired Barry attending his godson Jesse James’ wedding to Janine Lindemulder in 2002!

Report: Jesse James engaged for the fifth time


I figure I’d start out this morning with a love story sure to warm the sweet ol’ hearts of all our readers. According to a recent report, Sandra Bullock heart breaker Jesse James is engaged to drag racer and Paul Mitchell heiress Alexis DeJoria. See a full pic of Alexis as well as a Twitter response in which she certainly doesn’t deny the rumor!

Jesse James returns to TV with new “Outlaw Garage” show on Discovery April 9


The man who cheated (apparently hundreds of times) on America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, is coming back to television! Discovery Channel, which was the home of Monster Garage from 2002-2006, is welcoming their fabricating (wink wink) star back for the special “Jesse James: Outlaw Garage” on April 9. Keep reading for all the details, including Jesse’s comments on why he thinks people will forgive and forget and welcome him backto the small screen.

PHOTOS Jesse James lets his 8-yr-old daughter Sunny give him a tattoo


Are you looking for something fun you can do with your eight-year-old child while he or she is off for spring break? Why not follow the lead of Jesse James and head down to the ol’ tattoo parlor and let ‘em create some permanent doodles on your body! Keep reading for photos of Jesse James’ daughter Sunny giving him a tattoo and see the final product.

Storage Wars’ Barry Weiss is Jesse James’ “Jewish godfather”


Researching Barry Weiss of Storage Wars is like peeling an onion! As evidenced on the show, this rock star collector has had an amazing life during which he has made friends with a slew of fascinating famous and not-so-famous folks. One of the fascinating and famous folks counted among Barry’s friends is former Mr. Sandra Bullock, Jesse James, whom Barry isn’t only a friend to, he’s his godfather. No, seriously! And you’ll never guess which piece of infamous memorabilia Barry gave to his godson.

Kat Von D thanks Jesse James for his alleged 19 mistresses


Once again Kat Von D is unleashing some blasters on ex-boyfriend Jesse James. The man forever attached to her armpit was the target of a recent Facebook open letter in which the tattoo artist extraordinaire thanked him for having cheated on her with an an alleged 19 different women. Read a pot calling a kettle black and then think it all over with some old school Cher!

Kat Von D claims she quit L.A. Ink, betrothed to Jesse James again


Kat Von D is claiming that she quit L.A. Ink because TLC was looking to create events that didn’t happen following her breakup with bad boy Jesse James. Wait a minute! At the same time she was making this statement James and D have revealed that they are once again betrothed. Read on to get all the quotes of this madness and to see a sweet image of the two cuddling that will just warm your little heart.