Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner’s son officially charged with inflicting corporal injury on playmate girlfriend


TMZ reported a couple of weeks ago that Hugh Hefner’s son, Marston Hefner, was arrested for attacking his playmate-of-the-year girlfriend Claire Sinclair. Yes, Hugh’s kid was dating a playmate and yes her name is Claire Sinclair. Now Pasadena, California authorities have officially charged Martson with, “inflicting corporal injury on a spouse or cohabitant.”

Hugh Hefner’s Golden Ticket: A Desperate Homage to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


The Playboy Empire is crumbling. A once forward-thinking, scandalous publication is now backward and tame in today’s decadent internet-driven culture and it’s losing lucre faster than Nicholas Cage in a tropical island store. Sales are down 34% from last year, which was a pretty bad year to begin with. Rumors are circulating about potential bankruptcy, […]

Kendra Wilkinson’s first sexual experience with Hugh Hefner was an orgy


Kendra Wilkinson’s new auto-biography Sliding Into Home may lack subtlety but it certainly serves the dish. Cold, plain, and with no fancy romantic  sauces to mask the flavor. Here’s an excerpt from her memoir (provided by Amy Grindhouse via Hecklerspray): “One of the girls asked me if I wanted to go upstairs to Hef’s room. […]