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AUDIO Full transcript of George Takei’s Howard Stern interview regarding sexual harassment allegations

Former Star Trek star George Takei’s comments about grabbing and coercing partners into sex during a recent Howard Stern interview complicate his denial of the sexual harassment allegations made against him. Keep reading to see those allegations and Takei’s response, along with the audio of Takei’s remarks to Stern and a complete transcript of their exchange.

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VIDEO Farrah Abraham talks blow-and-go, Derek Underwood with Howard Stern

Farrah Abraham is always good for an outrageous comment so when it comes to interviews, she’s as good as gold. Even better? An interview with the always raunchy Howard Stern on his SiriusXM station. In the latest of Farrah’s interviews, the Teen Mom turned sex tape star is telling all about her sexual experiences, the death of her daughter’s father, and the “idiot” cops who arrested her on St. Patrick’s Day.

Gerard Butler admits to having “fun” with Brandi Glanville — finally

Gerard Butler is finally coming clean about what happened between him and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville. Brandi had previously claimed on Watch What Happens Live that the two had slept together but when Gerard claimed to not know a “Brandi Glanville” to a Los Angeles photographer, many thought she had fabricated the story to get press for her new show. As it turns out, Brandi wasn’t lying at all and recently, Gerard cleared her name on The Howard Stern Show.