Hailey Glassman

Snooki pulls a Hailey Glassman; makes love to a potted tree

Snooki makes love to a potted tree

It seems so long ago, but just a couple of years back we were introduced to reality dad Jon Gosselin’s rebound girlfriend Hailey Glassman, and this photo surfaced of his new love passed out on a potted plant.

Now Snooki, who is deep in the bowels of Seaside Heights, a particularly meaningless and chaotic world, has also been intimate with potted vegetation while inebriated (“potted” is the key word here, most drunk people have found solace in somebody’s expertly pruned shrubs at some point in their party career.)

Did Jon Gosselin extort Kate?

It’s been a year since the Gosselins and Hailey Glassman dominated the tabloids and entertainment websites, but now Kate Plus 8 is on television and Hailey is accusing Jon Gosselin of extorting Kate. Put on your favorite Ed Hardy shirt, prepare a frozen daiquiri and settle in for some more Gosselin drama. Jon’s ex-girlfriend Hailey […]

PHOTOS of Morgan Christie Jon Gosselin’s new girlfriend

It has been quite a lull since we’ve been given the gift of a previously unknown young lady that has either slept with Tiger Woods or dated Jon Gosselin, but according to The National Enquirer and People magazine, that drought is over! Both of these sites are reporting that Jon Gosselin has officially moved on from his true love Hailey Glassman and is now dating 25-year-old Morgan Christie of California!

Click to see the only two photos of Morgan in existence!

Did Hailey Glassman slice up Jon Gosselin’s apartment as part of a revenge plot?

Someone broke into Jon Gosselin’s New York City apartment, taking a bunch of crap and slicing up “shoes, shirts, luggage, bed, curtain, rugs and other furnishings” with a knife before spearing a note to Jon on his dresser referring to him as a “cheater” and signed with Hailey Glassman’s name. Police have interviewed Hailey (Jon’s former girlfriend) but the general consensus is that she was framed by someone else.

I disagree! I think it actually was Hailey Glassman and this is just the first step in a sinister series of events that could possibly end with Jon Gosselin’s heart exploding!

What happened to Jon Gosselin’s NYC apartment? Full statement from Jon Gosselin’s lawyer Mark Heller

Just when we thought TLC had saved us from hearing from Jon Gosselin for a while, an alledged crime happens to propell him back into the headlines. Jon Gosselin has received what many may believe to be his cumuppance: All of his belongings have been shredded, trashed, destroyed, and stolen by someone signing their name […]

Was Jon Gosselin’s NYC apartment torn apartment by a vengeful Hailey Glassman?

Jon Gosselin and his lawyers are reporting that his famed NYC bachelor pad has been torn to abosolute shreds, and the “troubled and sick” perpetrator may actually be scorned ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman! What leads investigators to think that besides her growing public ire for the now out-of-work professional uberdouche? There was a note stuck to […]

Hailey Glassman dedication tweet to Jon Gosselin: “F.U.R.B.” (F U Right Back) by Frankee with lyrics

Hailey Glassman has been keeping the twitter world entertained over the last week and a half with all sorts of blog-worthy tweets including recommending using handicapped people for good parking on Black Friday, revealing Jon Gosselin wasn’t home alone for Thanksgiving but was actually in Colorado Skiing and that she just finished reading the book How To Deal With A Compulsive Liar. (No, that’s not an Al Franken book about Rush Limbaugh.)

Her latest contribution to the Twitter Nation is a heartfelt, loving tribute to her dear lover Jon Gosselin. The actual tweet was:

Aren’t I sweet, I dedicate this song to you.Listen to the words carefully. mwas-lol

Here is the audio, though I should warn you that the lyrics are a bit on the nasty side:

VIDEOS Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman interviews on ET Entertainment Tonight

Here are both of the sit down interviews with love/hatebirds Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman that aired on Entertainment Tonight November 3rd and 4th. It includes Hailey’s opinions about Kate and a slew of other issues reminiscent of a couples’ counseling sessions, with the highlight being Jon Gosselin storming off camera after Hailey asked, “Don’t […]