Farrah Abraham

Lisa Vanderpump responds to Farrah Abraham white party uninvitation


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump finally responded to the rumors that she was the one who had Farrah Abraham uninvited from the now-infamous Hamptons white party in August, and as you would expect, Lisa does not disappoint! (I think we can officially start the New Farrah Feud Countdown Clock.)

UPDATE – Watch a clip of Lisa from WWHL in which she addresses the Farrah snub and reveals that one of the RHONY cast was also not allowed to attend!

Debra Danielsen, Sophia enter Farrah Abraham vs Nicki Minaj feud


Debra Danielsen weighs in on the feud between her daughter, Farrah Abraham, and rapper Nicki Minaj by tweeting how much her granddaughter Sophia loves Nicki. Needless to say, Farrah is not happy about this development, and she calls out Debra by sharing private text messages. In other words, she kind of treats her mom like a, umm, what’s the word Nicki?

UPDATE – Farrah has now posted a video of Sophia telling Nicki Minaj she is a total loser!

Nicki Minaj Farrah Abraham twitter feud

Nicki Minaj calls Farrah Abraham a c**t while live tweeting Teen Mom, Farrah responds

We can add Nicki Minaj to the long list of huge celebrities who are fans of Teen Mom! The rapper took a little time out of her busy schedule for some Sunday afternoon MTV and chill earlier today, and she couldn’t resist taking to Twitter to share her reaction to the show’s most divisive star, Farrah Abraham. Of course, Farrah could not resist responding.

UPDATE – We now have a full-fledged Twitter feud!

Did Lisa Vanderpump ax Farrah Abraham from attending her exclusive Hamptons White Party?


Is there a clash brewing between Bravo Queen Bee Lisa Vanderpump and MTV superstar Farrah Abraham? A new report claims Lisa ixnayed Farrah from the guest list of an exclusive Hamptons White Party thrown in her honor. Read on for all the details–plus Farrah’s brazen response.


Update on Farrah Abraham’s horror movie Axeman II: Overkill


It’s been a year and a half since it was first announced that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham would be making the transition from small screen reality star to big screen feature film actress in the slasher sequel Axeman II: Overkill.  Since then, Farrah fans have been waiting, and waiting, and waiting… Keep reading for the latest update on the film, including when it will FINALLY be released!