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VIDEOS Sneak peeks for upcoming Teen Mom OG Unseen Moments Special

For everyone who’s having a hard time letting go of all your favorite Teen Mom OG peeps (slowly raises hand), we’ve put together all the sneak peek clips MTV posted for the upcoming Unseen Moments Special. Watch as Farrah goes full Abraham on a producer who’s trying to ask questions for Simon Saran, Catelynn Lowell does her best to deal with a crying Nova, Ryan Edwards reps his no-show game and Amber Portwood and Matt Baier have a TMI conversation about a “fahhht” during a massage session.

Farrah Abraham backtracks on ‘almost raped’ Uber driver claim


Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham has admitted to exaggerating her story about an incident that happened with an Uber driver in January 2015. Last week Farrah said that a driver “almost raped” her. When Page 6 followed up on the story, a rep for Uber said that Abraham never filed a complaint. The company also stated that they banned Abraham from using their services after the driver reported that Abraham’s boyfriend, Simon Saran, spilled an alcoholic beverage in the front seat.

Uber banned Farrah Abraham, she claims ‘driver almost raped me’


Something went wrong during a ride to the Hamptons for Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham. During last week’s episode of Farrah Abraham’s new podcast Farrah & Friends, the 24-year-old claimed that “an Uber driver almost raped me” during an incident in January 2015. Get Farrah’s take on what transpired as well as what a rep for Uber had to say about the incident.

PHOTOS Farrah Abraham house hunting in Hollywood Hills with Simon Saran


On the Teen Mom OG Reunion Special With Dr. Drew, Farrah Abraham revealed that she and on-again, off-again boyfriend Simon Saran had split up once more. Well, it seems that Simon is now Farrah’s off-again, on-again boyfriend again: the couple was spotted together in Hollywood Hills yesterday, looking at a $870k condo with MTV camera crew in tow! Keep reading for photos and details on the property, which now has a pending offer.

Farrah and Friends podcast episode 1

AUDIO Amber Portwood on Farrah Abraham’s ‘Farrah and Friends’ podcast

Teen Momtrepreneur Farrah Abraham continues to expand her empire, this time adding podcast host to her seemingly ever-growing resume. Earlier today, the 24-year-old mom released the very first episode of her “Farrah and Friends” podcast with a list of guests that included her Teen Mom OG co-star Amber Portwood! Keep reading to listen to the entire podcast and read a summary of Amber’s segment as well as Sophia’s.

Teen Mom OG Reunion preview videos for Maci and Farrah


Monday night’s explosive two-hour finale of Teen Mom OG was a fitting bookend to a roller coaster season full of altercations, custody battles, marriages, mystery children, mullet murder, and cheap $17,000 engagement rings. But fans looking for even more mama drama need not worry because next week is Part One of the Teen Mom OG Reunion With Dr. Drew! And thanks to MTV, we have four preview clips to tide you over until then.