VIDEO Farmtruck calls out Street Outlaws: New Orleans

Street Outlaws: New Orleans is doing its best to hang with the original Street Outlaws from the 405. While they’re doing okay coming off the line in the ratings, Kye Kelley and his boys have been getting a lot of blow back from loyal fans of the original Discovery hit show. Sean “Farmtruck” Whitley, one of the most popular grudge racers from Street Outlaws, hit the switches today to further ignite a little reality TV sibling rivalry as he called out the NOLA crew for “missing something.”

PHOTOS Farmtruck’s puppy Suzy is the cutest thing on TV

For fans of Street Outlaws on Discovery, it’s been heartbreak city since show favorite Farmtruck had to say goodbye to his beloved four-legged best friend Louise. Owner Sean Whitley and the Blue Heeler had been an inseparable pair for over a decade. The loss of Louise hit Farmtruck especially hard, and his partner AZN did the only thing he knew to do for his buddy: to try and fill the void left by Louise with a new puppy. So, did his plan work?

TV crush: Farmtruck from Street Outlaws

My new favorite thing on reality TV just so happens to be a 1970, C-10 Chevy pickup truck called Farmtruck. It’s the labor of love of street racer Sean Whitley and it’s quickly adding to an already existing legion of fans thanks to its appearance on Discovery’s new show, Street Outlaws. Billed as “the ultimate sleeper,” Farmtruck might be the greatest road example of not judging a book by its cover. It’s designed to look like the truck your grandpa drove; with a rusted out paint job, dents, a camper shell and license plate that reads, “ZZZZZ.” Check out photos of the devil in disguise, videos of Farmtruck in action, a brief history on how Sean came upon her and some info on his loyal shotgun rider, Louise.