Elizabeth Potthast

90 DAY FIANCE Elizabeth Potthast’s family mug shot collection

On the current season of 90 Day Fiance, 27-year-old Elizabeth Potthast from Tampa is having some difficulties trying to convince her family that her 31-year-old Moldovan fiance Andrei is trustworthy and not just marrying her to get a green card. But, it seems Andrei could easily have turned the tables on Elizabeth’s family because the Potthasts have quite the history of run-ins with the law!

90 DAY FIANCE Elizabeth Potthast is an actress who appeared on Homeland

90 Day Fiance Elizabeth Potthast actress

The 90 Day Fiance franchise has its fair share of cast members who previously appeared on other reality shows, but Season 5 may have the first cast member with a legitimate acting resume! 27-year-old Elizabeth Potthast from Tampa, who is featured this season courting her 31-year-old Moldovan alpha male Andrei, has her own IMDB listing, which includes her appearance on Showtime’s Homeland!