Elin Nordegren

PHOTO Meet Elin Nordegren’s new boyfriend Jamie Dingman


It’s been more than ten months since Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren Woods snuck into a Bay County, Florida courthouse and finalized their divorce after Tiger’s numerous infidelities with numerous assorted mistresses surfaced in the press. Elin move back to her home country of Sweden where she was thought to be living the secluded life of a single mother of two ever since. But, reports are that Elin has been dating Jamie Dingman, son of billionaire Charlie Dingman, for months! Keep reading for a photo of Jamie and get a little background info on this eligible bachelor, who happens to be a successful business man in his own right.

Elin Nordegren suffered insomnia, weight loss, disillusionment; was blindsided by affairs


Elin Nordegren has remained completely silent since news of her husband Tiger Woods’ multiple infidelities hit the world November 2009. Tiger has given a few interviews, made a disturbing Nike commercial, and got back into the game, but we could only speculate about what Elin was feeling and thinking. Did she already know her husband […]

VIDEO Separate Tiger Woods interview on The Golf Channel plus transcription


In addition to the five-minute interview with Tom Rinaldi on ESPN, Tiger Woods also did and interview with The Golf Channel’s Kelly Tilghman. Once again, the interview was short, clocking in at just over six minutes. A lot of the same topics were addressed as the ESPN interview, but Tiger seemed a little more verbose this time around. Keep reading to watch highlights from the interview and read the complete transcripts!

3/21 Tiger Woods interview on ESPN tonight at 7:30 PM

Tiger Woods and wife Elin Nordegren in American Gothic

ESPN will be airing an interview with Tiger Woods tonight at 7:30 PM eastern time. The interview is with Tom Rinaldi and will be only the second time Tiger has spoken publicly since his SUV crash early Thanksgiving morning as news of his numerous affairs became public. ESPN has said that the only restriction on the interview is a big one: it can be no longer than five minutes. Rinaldi did say that Tiger refused to answer questions about the night of the crash and that there were some startling things revealed in the interview.