Donald Trump

Donald Trump apologizes to Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson for ‘facial profiling’ incident


Jase Robertson has a very well-known, very bearded face, but apparently it wasn’t recognizable enough to keep an employee of the Trump International Hotel from escorting him out, based merely on his appearance. After the episode, which Jase has called “facial profiling,” The Donald himself instructed an assistant to call with an apology. Read on to see Jase’s response to Trumps attempt to make nice.

Beyonce, Hillary Clinton among public figures reportedly doxxed


More than one dozen high-profile public figures are allegedly victims to the cyber crime of “doxxing,” TMZ reported yesterday. Beyonce, Jay-Z, Britney Spears, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin are among those who reportedly had social security numbers, credit information, mortgage amounts and more posted on a website.

PHOTO Protester messes up Donald Trump’s hair with static balloon


I’m no sign holdin’ protester kind of guy but if I were I would have to assume that messing up Donald Trump’s infamously coiffed hair via a static balloon would have to be on my top 10 list. And so it was and forever will be with some dude from outside the Scottish Parliament today. See the full and wonderful photo plus a blown up balloon version too (see what I did there).

VIDEO: Donald Trump goes pottymouth with “F words” tirade at Las Vegas speech, announces candidacy?

Donald Trump dishes F word at Las Vegas speech

They normally say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so maybe the Donald thought all the “F bombs” dropped at a speech wouldn’t go beyond the casino walls. That’s not how it works, though, and Starcasm has some of the high rollin’ highlights straight from Trump’s pottymouth, including a side comment about his candidacy that sounds a lot like he’s made up his mind!

Born Again! President Obama releases long form Hawaii birth certificate at press conference, Donald Trump replies

President Barack Obama's long form Hawaii birth certificate

It has finally happened: President Barack Obama released his long form certificate of birth from the state of Hawaii. See what’s on it, if it answers any longstanding questions, or simply creates more… and perhaps more important: What does Donald Trump have to say about it?