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Why Ashton Kutcher doesn’t talk about girlfriend Mila Kunis


Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore split in November of 2011 after a highly publicized romance and marriage, including multiple cheating scandals. Since then, Ashton has remained tight-lipped about his private life — especially when it comes to romance. In the latest issue of Elle Magazine, Ashton opened up about why he has no plans to ever speak about his latest love, Mila Kunis.

Why aren’t Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore divorced yet?

ashton kutcher and demi moore

It’s been a year since Demi Moore (49) publicly stated she wanted to end her marriage to Ashton Kutcher (34) after multiple cheating scandals. Since then, Demi has been to rehab after suffering a medical emergency, and Ashton has moved on with his former That 70s Show co-star Mila Kunis. Even so, neither party has filed for divorce yet. What’s taking so long?

Demi Moore finally changes her Twitter name from @mrskutcher


Finally! Demi Moore’s Twitter handle isn’t @mrskutcher! (In my opinion, that was never really a good name even if they stayed together forever.)

When her marriage imploded last year Demi had other things to worry about then switching her Twitter name, like taking care of her personal sanity and health. She sought rehab treatment after a break-down that possibly involved Whip-its, Red Bull, and not eating (among other things,) but now she’s doing a bajillion times better, looks healthy and amazing, and is now Tweetin to her millions of rapt Twitter fans as