Debra Danielsen

Details on Farrah Abraham’s mom Debra Danielsen’s book Vapor about being scammed out of more than $250,000


Find out all about Vapor, the new book written by Farrah Abraham’s mother Debra Danielsen chronicling her experience being scammed out of more than $250,000 by a man she met (but never actually met) via an online dating site. Plus, Debra talks about moving to the west coast, what else she is currently working on, and her experience with Farrah on Couples Therapy.

Farrah Abraham’s mom releasing book about getting catfished


Farrah Abraham’s mom, Debra Danielsen, has revealed that she will soon be releasing a book based on her own personal experience with being the victim of an internet scammer. Get details on what happened to Debra from a blog she created about getting catfished including the images of a man used to fool her as well as a video in which Farrah said that her mom told her she lost hundreds of thousands of dollars to this boyfriend she never met.

Farrah Abraham moves out of mom Debra Danielsen’s house after sex tape fall out


Farrah Abraham and her mother appeared to be getting along when TMZ cameras caught up with them at an airport recently. Although Debra was asked some tough questions, she seemed to clearly be on Team Farrah. Unfortunately, things have apparently gone south since the interview, and today Farrah reportedly moved out of Debra’s house where she had been living.

VIDEO Farrah Abraham says James Deen’s penis is small, mom Debra says he is exploiting her daughter


Video of Farrah Abraham and her mom Debra Danielsen being interviewed in the airport after arriving in Los Angeles this weekend. Of course the questions are all about Farrah’s sex t@pe with James Deen and highlights include Farrah commenting on the unimpressive size of Deen’s manhood, Debra claiming her daughter is being taken advantage of, and Farrah stating “I personally hired people to do that so it’s like a wedding video.”

VIDEO Farrah Abraham talks spin-off show, new books, new music


As we previously reported, former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham is currently working on a spin-off reality series, but she has been pretty tight-lipped about the project. Until now. The 21-year-old single mom talked with Rumor Fix (apparently in front of a wind tunnel machine) about a number of projects she currently has in the works including the reality show, a children’s book about pacifiers, a parenting book, a new music project, and something about plastic surgery involving a doctor?

Farrah Abraham dishes on the Teen Mom reunion, her parents’ relationship, and Daniel Alvarez


Farrah Abraham said goodbye to Teen Mom two weeks ago when the fourth season of the show came to an end but fans still have a few questions such as the real reason behind why she calls her dad “Michael,” what she really thinks of Daniel Alvarez, and how she is doing with her mother. Luckily, Farrah is answering it all.

What does Farrah Abraham’s mom Debra Danielsen do for a living?


On Tuesday we did a post explaining what Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham’s dad Michael does for a living, but anyone who watches the show knows that Farrah’s mom Debra Danielsen is also a professional. (Anyone remember the episode in which Debra helps Farrah with her college project and is quick to point out she has a Masters in Business Administration?) So… what does Debra Danielsen do for a living? Keep reading to read her very impressive resume!

VIDEOS Teen Mom post-reunion interviews with Amber, Gary, Farrah and Debra


MTV has posted a couple of post-reunion Teen Mom interview clips featuring Farrah Abraham and her mother Debra as well as Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley. I thought I’d share them with you a-la the After Show break downs and provide a summary of what was discussed, including the fact that Gary and Amber can still see a future together and how Farrah and Debra have concocted an intimate apparel, dating themed cooking show that Farrah may want to star in some day!

VIDEO Farrah Abraham talks about her parents’ divorce and their trip to Arizona


In this past week’s episode of Teen mom Farrah Abraham invites her parents Debra Danielson and Michael Abraham along for a trip to Arizona where Farrah is thinking of moving to. The weekend visit was supposed to be about Farrah surveying the area and looking for potential apartments for her and Sophia, but it quickly turned into a mini-documentary of a dysfunctional family who can’t have a simple conversation without it turning into a full-blown, anger-filled argument. The “Farrahzona” trip has stirred up such a passionate debate among fans that we though we would isolate it and open it up for discussion all on its own. Watch her interview, read a transcript, and sound off on what you think is the root cause of this trio’s deep-rooted issues!