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Jenelle Evans feuds with Dalis Connell over paid escort story

Jenelle Evans Dalis Connell Twitter feud

A heated Twitter exchange broke out earlier today between Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and Teen Mom OG dad Ryan Edwards’ ex Dalis Connell after Dalis called out Jenelle for sharing a story on Facebook that suggests Dalis is a paid escort. Keep reading for all the tweets — many of which have since been deleted — and find out what Dalis is actually up to these days. (SPOILER ALERT: It’s not being a paid escort.)

VIDEO PHOTOS Teen Mom’s Dalis Connell admits getting breast augmentation, explains why

Fitness and health enthusiast Dalis Connell, ex-girlfriend of Teen Mom‘s Ryan Edwards, recently admitted to having breast augmentation surgery in a Youtube video. In the clip Dalis reveals her breasts have always been a source of immense insecurity for her, and “This is the first time in my life I’m truly satisfied with the way that I look, and I believe that everyone should be able to say that, regardless of what it takes.” Keep reading to watch the clip and see before-and-after photos of her transformation!

EXCLUSIVE Ryan Edwards’ ex Dalis Connell interview and update on life since Teen Mom

MTV is airing the one-hour special Being Maci later tonight in which fans of Teen Mom‘s Maci Bookout will get to see what all has been going on in her life since the Teen Mom cameras stopped rolling. Included in the special will be the break up between Bentley’s dad Ryan Edwards and his long-time girlfriend Dalis Connell after he allegedly cheated on her while she was visiting her ailing mother in California. We spoke with Dalis about life since Teen Mom and how she has dealt with the painful loss of her mother to cancer and her break up from Ryan — which all happened within a month’s time.

VIDEOS New Maci Bookout announcement, Being Maci preview clip

Check out an adorable deleted scene from the upcoming “Being Maci” special starring Teen Mom‘s Maci Bookout that features a very excited Bentley discovering his Elf on the Shelf has decided to go fishing for Goldfish crackers in a rather unexpected fishing hole. Also, watch Maci’s newly recorded video in which she announces she will be hosting the after-show specials for Teen Mom 3, see her newly revamped website, and listen to her recent podcast interview with the fellers over at Kill Your Radio! It’s a Bookout blowout y’all!

PHOTO Are Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards back together?

Maci Bookout has been enjoying the single life for months. And now, her ex-boyfriend (and Bentley’s dad), Ryan Edwards, has recently rejoined the dating scene as well. So when the two were spotted out together together this weekend, tongues began wagging with rumors of a reconciliation. Could this Teen Mom couple really be getting back together after all they’ve been through? Plus, their exes Dalis Connell and Kyle King were also photographed together recently! We need to get those MTV cameras back in Chattanooga ASAP!