Dakota Fred Hurt

VIDEO PHOTOS Gold Rush cast at CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas

Fans of Discovery Channel’s top-rated series Gold Rush got a rare treat this week as the show’s cast members made a rare public appearance together — or at least at the same event at the same time. That’s right, Parker Schnabel, Todd Hoffman and Dakota Fred Hurt (and members of their crews) were all in attendance at the 2014 CONEXPO-CON/AGG in Las Vegas, Nevada. And, believe it or not, The Klondike Viking himself, Tony Beets, was also there! (And lookin’ damn sexy too!)

Gold Rush Season 4 photos Todd Hoffman, Parker Schnabel, Fred Hurt, Tony Beets and more

America’s favorite professional and semi-professional reality show gold miners return tonight as Gold Rush kicks off its fourth season on Discovery channel with a two-hour premiere event starting at 9/8c. Keep reading for a synopsis of what to expect from Todd Hoffman, Parker Schnabel, Fred Hurt and their respective mining crews this season and see TONS of official promotional photos of the men in action courtesy of Discovery Channel!

Gold Rush: What Happened to Jimmy Dorsey

Jimmy Dorsey Gold Rush Todd Hoffman Jack Hoffman Greg Remsburg Ghost Mine

It seems like ages ago that Jimmy Dorsey rumbled with Greg Remsburg and then left the Hoffman crew at Porcupine Creek for good. Heck, it seems like ages since the Hoffmans were at Porcupine Creek at all. Read on to see what in the world Jimmy Dorsey is up to these days. Hint: it involves gold mining and reality tv!

VIDEO Gold Rush Season 3 trailer

The first trailer for Gold Rush 3 is out, and although it doesn’t show us much about the new season, it raises a lot of interesting questions about what’s coming. The Hoffmans are back, of course, and so is Parker Schnabel. It is a little more surprising to see that Dakota Fred Hurt is in the cast again. And, since we’re told that someone will strike it rich this season, I can’t help wondering if Fred finally finds glory at the bottom of Jack’s, now famous, hole in Porcupine Creek.

GOLD RUSH What Happened to Dakota Fred?

If you watched the Gold Rush “Revelations” episode, then you learned a lot more about Parker Schnabel’s temper, John Harness’s unpopularity, and Todd Hoffman’s grand promises for next season; but, you didn’t learn one thing about Dakota Fred Hurt, because he wasn’t on the show. There wasn’t even one oblique allusion to Fred who, at the beginning of Season Two, was in the middle of all the drama. So, what’s up? Find out straight from Fred!

Was the Discovery Channel fair to Dakota Fred Hurt of Gold Rush?

Dakota Fred Hurt Gold Rush 2 Todd Hoffman Earl Foster Porcupine Creek

When Dakota Fred Hurt rolled into Porcupine Creek just as the Hoffman’s were swirling the last bit of black sand out of their first pan of Season Two gold, there was no question who was being cast as the villain in Gold Rush 2. Dakota Fred’s timing and smirk were almost too evil to be plausible, and he became a very easy man to hate. But, does he deserve our disdain, or was it just edited to look that way?