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Montage of Heck documentary helped Frances Bean get closer to her father

Frances Bean Cobain looks a lot like her late father Kurt Cobain, and she has lived in the shadow of his myth, but because he died when she was only 20 months old, she never really knew him. That sad fact can’t be changed, but Montage of Heck director Brett Morgen said her involvement in the film helped her understand him in a deeper way.

Courtney Love’s dad thinks “with a high degree of certainty” that Courtney was involved in Kurt Cobain’s murder

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Courtney Love’s dad Hank Harrison has expressed suspicions before that his daughter was somehow involved in the death of her husband Kurt Cobain, and now he’s voicing these opinions again. “No doubt she was capable,” Harrison told Radar Online. “I can’t prove she pulled the trigger, but I can prove her involvement to a high degree of certainty.”

Amanda Bynes attacks Courtney Love and TMZ, may drop charges against NYPD officer


Amanda Bynes continues to take full advantage of the benefits of TwitPlus responding today to more criticisms and accusations aimed at her and her activities over the past few months with lengthy diatribes proclaiming her sanity and the unattractiveness of every other female on the planet. The latest installment of The New York Bynes incudes her reaction to Courtney Love telling her to “pull it together dude,” TMZ’s recent story alleging to have a photograph of what may be the bong Amanda tossed out her 36th floor apartment the night she was arrested, and more info on what Amanda plans to do about the police officer she said sexually harassed her and “slapped my vagina.”