Corey Simms

Why can’t Corey Simms use Teen Mom 2 footage in ongoing custody battle with Leah Messer?


Thanks to all of the allegations people have made about Leah Messer’s parenting skills and how often she’s followed by MTV cameras, you would think Corey Simms could use some Teen Mom 2 footage against her in court. Find out why that isn’t the case–plus, get the latest updates from their ongoing custody battle…

Corey Simms drinks with Miranda, Jeremy Calvert & Brooke in #lifeafterleah photo


The cast and families of Teen Mom 2 are currently in Los Angeles to film what promises to be one of the most dramatic reality show reunions in television history. But, prior to the “sh!t storm (as Jeremy Calvert calls it), Corey Simms and his wife Miranda had drinks with Jeremy Calvert and his girlfriend Brooke Wehr, and the group posed for a photo together that Corey hash tagged #lifeafterleah. Later, Dr. Randy Houska would join the #lifeafterleah party and share videos of Jeremy and Corey riding a mechanical bull!