Bruce Springsteen

Sad Samuel L. Jackson gazes at Obama, Springsteen, Neeson and Spielberg

This might be the only photo in existence where it’s okay that perennially cool Samuel L. Jackson is left out of the main event! In an amazing photo taken during the USC Shoah Foundation’s Ambassador for Humanity Award presentation, this year’s recipient President Barack Obama is seen at a table with host Steven Spielberg, Hollywood superstar Liam Neesen and rock & roll hall of fame inductee Bruce Springsteen. Find out about the Shoah Foundation, see a full page view of some serious celebrity as well as a couple of additional pics from the star-studded affair.

PHOTO Bruce Springsteen adopts Timberlake for daughter Jessica

A great photo of Bruce Springsteen’s daughter Jessica Springsteen is making the rounds after the living legend along with wife Patti Scalfia adopted an adorable rescue puppy for her following her show jumping competition in Wellington, Florida. Get the story including the surprised and delighted reaction of the pup’s foster as well as what Bruce and wife Patti Scalfia’s 2 sons, Evan and Sam, are up to these days.

PHOTOS Shirtless paddle boarding Bruce-off: Jenner vs. Springsteen

A while back we featured some seriously rare candid pics of rocker Bruce Springsteen doing a little shirtless paddle boarding. Not to be outdone, Olympian Bruce Jenner was photographed yesterday throwing down with his own AARP Bruce action. Indulge in the hotness and let us know which Bruce squeezes your juice in this official Bruce with their shirts off, Bruce-off!