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Kim Kardashian comments on Bruce Jenner rumors, ‘He’ll share whenever the time is right’

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By now we’ve all heard the rumors, listened to the speculation, and made our own judgements about the status of Bruce Jenner’s sexual identity. InTouch even photoshopped Bruce’s face on a woman’s body in an attempt to tell the story of his on going “change”. Now, Kim Kardashian is opening up about Bruce’s personal journey.

Old Bruce and Kris Jenner workout videos are my new favorite thing


A brief and awe-inspiringly dated clip from an early 1990s Bruce and Kris Jenner workout video titled “PowerWalk Plus” found its way online and now it’s the only thing any of us can think about. Keep reading to watch the clip and see all the information we were able to gather on Kris and Bruce’s rather extensive foray into the world of workout videos!

Keeping Up With Bruce Jenner documentary reality show

REPORT Bruce Jenner to document sex change for new TV show

Bruce Jenner’s reported transition into a woman is one of the most talked about topics in tabloids and on blogs over the last few weeks, but there is at least one person not talking about it at all: Bruce Jenner. That may be about to change as it is being reported Bruce will be documenting his sex change for a new television show!