Briana Manson

Little Women: LA Season 3 beach pin-up cast photos are retrotastic!

Lifetime’s super popular Little Women: LA returns for Season 3 on July 29 with new drama, a new baby, and two new cast members. To promote the new season all the ladies posed for some SUPER FUN retro beach pin-up promotional photos that should make it very easy for you to create your own Little Women: LA calendar at home! Keep reading to check out all the photos, meet the new ladies, and see the synopses for the first four episodes!

EXCLUSIVE Little Women: LA star Briana’s fiance Matt explains arrests

Little Women: LA star Briana Manson got engaged to her boyfriend Matt on screen this season, and she appears to be absolutely smitten with her average-height Casanova. But, the same cannot be said for Briana’s cast mates and even her family, who can’t seem to get over the fact that Matt has a domestic violence arrest and a criminal mischief arrest in his past. We reached out to Matt and he was kind enough to talk at length about the incidents in question, which should help clarify things for viewers and possibly even Briana’s friends and family!

UPDATE – Matt’s statements have been removed by request.

Little Women: LA SPOILER Are Briana and Matt still together?

After a whirlwind relationship that included meeting online, getting serious after just a few weeks, and becoming engaged 3 months after they started dating, it seems everyone has had something to say about Little Women: LA stars Briana and Matt’s relationship. Some of her cast mates have openly expressed their concerns about Matt, and in a preview trailer for Wednesday night’s finale, it appears as though a “BIG BREAK UP” is imminent. So we did some research to answer the big question: Are Briana and Matt still together or not?